Pros And Cons Of 9mm Handguns

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Should I buy a 9mm Handgun?

When it comes to selecting a 9mm hand gun as your weapon of choice (whether for the end of the world, for your bug out bag, or just to scare your daughter’s new boyfriend), there are a few different factors to consider. There is no “perfect gun” because everyone’s needs are different.pros of 9mm handguns

At the end of the day, different people are purchasing guns for different reasons, so you need to think about your own personal situation before you decide on whether or not a 9 mm handgun could work for you. There are also a large number of different 9 mm hand gun brands to choose from, so that will be another thing to think about after you have decided if the 9mm will be the right option for you.

Having said all that, the best thing you can do to figure out if this kind of gun will work for you and your needs is to take a look at the overall list of pros and cons.

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9mm Hand Gun Pros


The first thing you need to look at when it comes to the positives of 9mm handguns is the fact that it can 9mm concealed holsterbe easily concealed. This is a rather small weapon, so this is the perfect option if you just need a gun for self defense purposes.

Whether you are going to be carrying it with you at all times or you just need something in the home, any 9 mm hand gun will usually be a solid option for quick action and staying discreet.

Large Magazine

Another pro of the 9mm is that it usually holds a good number of bullets for its size. Most 9mm’s hold around 15 bullets per magazine, which means there will be plenty of shots to be fired before you need to reload. In a self defense situation, the number of bullets in each magazine could be the difference between life and death. Real life isn’t like movies where you get infinity bullets in a revolver.

Quick Reload Time

Reload time is another area where the 9mm has an advantage over other types of guns, such as a revolver. When all of the bullets are kept in the same magazine, it is rather easy to load them all into the gun and prepare to continue firing. With a revolver, you would have to insert each individual bullet one by one.Pros and cons of 9mm handguns for bug out bag

Very Popular

One last positive attribute of owning a 9 mm handgun that you should think about is that it is the most widely used kind of pistol in the world. This means that most of the best accessories are also made for this type of gun. That is especially important after SHTF and you can’t special order parts.

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9mm Handgun Cons

Many Moving Parts

One of the few problems with the 9mm pistol is that it can sometimes be rather difficult to understand how it works. There are more mechanisms on this type of gun than something simpler like a revolver or 22 rifle, so you need to know how everything works before you can simply pull the trigger.

First of all, there is a slide and a slide lock lever. You need to know how to properly cock the gun if you are going to be able to fire it. Another thing to think about is the fact that there is usually an external cons of 9mm handgunssafety slide.

Prone to Jamming

The only other real negative aspect of the 9 mm is that it can sometimes get jammed. You have to know how to clear a jam for it to work at all in these kinds of situations, so you need to make sure that you do your homework before you start to carry this gun around on a regular basis.

As with any weapon, consistent practice is important to become comfortable with the recoil, reloading, etc. In a life or death situation, one second fumbling to find the lock can be fatal.

3 thoughts on “Pros And Cons Of 9mm Handguns”

  1. I am glad that you mentioned how a 9mm handgun will be able to help you stay low profile while still being quick to act on emergency situations. My son has moved to a neighborhood near his office. It is a bit rowdy, so I think it will be best for him to get a concealed weapon to protect himself should anything happen. It certainly looks like a 9mm handgun will be a great fit for him.

  2. I had no idea that a 99mm handgun is the most widely used type of handgun in the world. My sister is thinking about getting a gun so that she will feel more secure in her home. Getting a gun from a professional would be really helpful for her.

  3. My husband told me the other day that he would like to get a permit to carry a gun across the country. I have been thinking about doing some research to be able to help him, so he can get a permit. I liked that you said that a 9 mm handgun is one of the most popular guns in the world.


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