Resources For Preppers

Survival Guides, Ebooks, Checklists, Plans, Gear, and More

We've been collecting these for a while and it just occurred to us that we should share them with you!

If you're worried that you'll never be able to read through all of this great material (trust me, you won't), make sure to download them to your ebook reader so you'll have them when you need them.

The benefit of having all of this information at your fingertips in case of an emergency is immeasurable (we wrote a whole blog post about it).

Since most of these resources aren't available for easy download to your ereader, here's a guide on how to get the dangnabit things onto your doohickey.

And if you've got more resources to share, feel free to email us, we love adding to the collection!

Free Survival Ebooks

This is a great list to keep an eye on. It gets updated every so often so bookmark it if you need to.

Since Amazon regularly rotates its specials on ebooks, it's a good idea to check if there is anything new weekly-ish.

Free Survival Guides

Little bit of everything here, from FEMA manuals to homesteading guides. R4IA (I don't know if that's what they call themselves but I thought it sounded good) constantly updates this list as well so you might want to check back every so often. You know, if you ever run out of reading material.

4001 survival guides for your reading pleasure. Honestly, we didn't even know there were so many disaster situations but if you ever find yourself in one, there is probably a guide on here to help get you out, along with plenty more guides on everything from dyeing (not dying. Big difference) to poisons. We assume that last one is about detecting and curing poisons, not how to poison people. We haven't read it yet.

Another few THOUSAND ebooks and guides here as well as some good checklists and disaster plans. Also a guide on prepping for a volcano eruption. Which doesn't seem likely but I'm sure the people in Pompeii thought the same thing. It look like the page is down now

Add 418 more to the collection along with a few cookbooks so you can enjoy TEOTWAWKI with some good food. "Poultry Appliances" is on our reading list next. No idea what to expect but we're along for the ride.

Free Camp Recipes

Cookbooks are great but odds are we won't have the luxury of a fully stocked kitchen after a disaster. So here's 500+ campfire recipes courtesy of the Boy Scouts of Troop 26. Unless it's beans or barbecued, I'll admit I'm a bit of a dunce when it comes to cooking outdoors so this will definitely be on my Kindle. They also have some other great tutorials and resources on their home page.

Free Fallout Shelter Plans

Here's something you can get started on now. Survival Ring has been kind enough to provide 6 free fallout shelter plans including above ground and below ground shelters as well as ways to increase the blast and fire resistance in buildings. New weekend project?

Free PVC Construction Plans

And lastly (for now), if you've ever thought of building a greenhouse, outhouse, chicken house, or... some other kind of house, PVC Plans has got a pretty big collection of plans to do all that and more with PVC pipe. We love PVC, it's basically an Erector set for adults. There are a number of uses for it (just check out the plans to get some ideas), it's light, durable, and can easily be reconfigured to other purposes.

An Encyclopedia of Wilderness Survival Shelters

Basically every type of shelter you can build. Everything is made from materials found in the wild and can be made with just an axe and a bushcraft knife. A lot of these designs I've never even heard of so it's worth a read!

Honorable Mention

After SHTF and hellfire rains down and the devil starts challenging people to fiddle competitions, we will need to rebuild. We'll need to teach our children long division and who Richard Dean Anderson was. But how will we do that? How will we retain the collective knowledge that mankind has taken centuries to acquire? Well here it all is. You can fit it on a flash drive. The complete Wikipedia database. You're welcome.

*Disclaimer - There are almost certainly some duplicates in here. Without taking off our shoes, we counted close to 10,000 pieces of material across these sites (not counting wikipedia) and there are more being added every week.

Free Gear

All of these items are free, you just pay shipping and handling. If you're missing any of these in your bug out bag, or just need a cheap backup, free is a pretty good price. And if you bought them elsewhere online, you'd probably still have to pay shipping (unless you're an Amazon Prime member)

Tactical Flashlight

Waterproof Lighter

Camping Lantern