The Best Handgun Holsters For Concealed Carry

The Best Handgun Holsters For Concealed Carry

Holster That Weapon, Soldier!

A few days ago we spoke of the best handguns for concealed carry, but for those folks who want better concealment when they take their gun with them, we decided to compile a list of the best concealed carry holsters for sale.

You need to comfortably carry your handgun with you while you’re out. Many new gun owners find it hard to keep their gun with them because it’s either too large or too heavy, so most of the times they just leave it at home.

But you can’t defend yourself with your gun at home, can you? What if the apocalypse breaks out while you’re bowling or buying diapers? When SHTF, you’re SOL.

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There are many holsters than were designed for concealed carrying your gun, for protection against accidental discharges, or simply for comfort carrying it. There are many types of holsters as well, such as shoulder holsters and belt holsters. Let’s see some of the best ones:

S.O.B. Holster (Small of Back)

This is one great holster for concealed carrying your EDC gun. It’s leather made and available for pretty much all the popular guns in the market, in black and tan leather. The holster is attached to your belt in a very comfortable way that doesn’t hurt your back.

Having a holster like this one makes it very easy to keep the gun with you all the time without having to worry about it discharging accidentally, that’s because the gun is kept in a position that is safe. They call it “butt up”.

You can buy the S.O.B. Holster here:

small of back gun holster for shtf weapon

DeSantis 11D New York Undercover Shoulder Holster Rig

This holster has been in the market since the 1970s and it’s still in demand by many gun passionate people. Of course the design has improved over time but it still gives the classic shoulder holster feel. There’s nothing better than a good leather holster holding your gun comfortably while you’re out in town.

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DeSantis 11D Holster is available and molded specifically for every gun model out there. The left side holds your gun, while on the right side you can keep your ammo.

desantis shoulder holster for shtf hand gun

Blackhawk Ankle Holster

This is for those people who want to take it to a completely different level of concealment. The ankle holster is attached to your ankle and holds the gun so firmly you won’t even know you have it with you. This holster is not really practical when it comes to actually using the gun in case of emergency because it usually is hidden underneath your clothes, but when it comes to hiding your gun, this kind of holster is surely the best one.

Blackhawk Ankle Holster for EDC gun

There are, of course, many kinds of holsters out there that you can use, but if you’re really concerned about concealment, then it’s better that you go with a smaller gun that won’t be that hard to hide because that would be your best option for you. Good holsters can be quite pricey but it’s totally worth going for it and buy the best CCW holster for you; remember, it’s your safety that we’re talking about here.

What kind of holsters do you guys use? The shoulder or the belt ones? Or maybe an ankle holster? Do you keep a separate one in your bug out bag?

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SARAHSeptember 18, 2012My best advice here is dieenrfft strokes for dieenrfft folks! You have to experiment with all types of holsters to find one that works for you. Being a woman, this is especially challenging as my clothing is often form-fitting. Even though it’s not a great idea to change the position of your concealed carry, women do need options. A few of my favorites are the IWB holsters when I’m wearing jeans or shorts, a thigh holster for dresses/skirts, and when all else fails get a flashbang! The flashbang holster is a bra holster, so you can conceal when all else fails. In any case though, practice is key! You have to be able to draw successfully without getting stuck on your clothing.