Types of Air Rifle Ammo

Types of Air Rifle Ammo - Pellets and BBs

When you’re starting to learn about the world of air rifles, you may find conflicting terminology. Many people research which air rifle they should buy and discover that there are many types of air rifle ammo to choose from. Read on to learn the differences between the BBs, pellets, and …

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The 10 Quietest Air Rifles

Top 10 Quietest Air Rifles for Hunting and Backyards

When you want to protect yourself and your family, it’s reassuring to have a rifle on hand to help watch over your loved ones and hunt At the same time, the sound of a gunshot can easily disturb neighbors and cause the police to come out when there’s no real …

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How to Throw an Axe or Tomahawk Like a Pro

How to Throw an Axe Like a Pro

“Why would you throw away your weapon?” asks my girlfriend every time somebody throws an axe in a movie. True, you don’t want to throw away your last weapon in a survival situation (not even in a Hail Mary last-ditch throw!)… …but axe throwing is a fun, satisfying hobby. And, …

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