2023‘s Best Pellet and BB Air Rifles for Hunting and Self Defense

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ModelWinnerCaliberPowerplantFPS (Feet per Second)Where to Buy
Gamo Whisper Silent CatQuietest air rifle.177Break barrel spring-piston1200 fps with alloy pellets, 1000 fps with leadAirgun Depot

Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston XLBest air rifle for varmint hunting.22, .25, .177Break barrel spring-piston1100 fps with alloy pellets, 950 fps with leadAirgun Depot

Crosman RepeatAir 1077Best semi-auto pellet gun for beginners.177CO2 Powerlets780 fps with alloy pellets and 625 with leadAirgun Depot

Benjamin MarauderBest .177 pellet rifle.25, .22, .177Pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) or CO2 Powerlets900 fpsAirgun Depot

AirForce Condor SS Air RifleHighest FPS.25, .22, .20, or .177Pre-charged pneumatic (PCP)Variable; 600-1300 fps depending on caliber and power settingAirgun Depot

Benjamin BulldogBest PCP Rifle.357Pre-charged pneumatic (PCP)910 fpsAirgun Depot

Crosman Shockwave NP Quiet FireBest bang for the buck.22, .177Gas-piston1000 fps with .177 pellets, 800 fps with .22 pelletsAirgun Depot

Benjamin Variable PumpMost accurate air gun.22, .177Pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) or CO2 Powerlets900 fps with alloy pelletsAirgun Depot

Diana RWS 350 MagnumBest spring piston rifle.22, .177Break barrel spring-piston1250 fps with .177 pellets and 1000 fps with .22 pelletsAirgun Depot

Beeman R9 Elite Series Scope ComboBest air rifle for small game hunting.22, .177Break barrel spring-piston935 fps with .177 pellets and 740 fps with .22 pelletsAirgun Depot

Pyramyd Air

There are not too many people in the world who have used an air gun professionally. I am one of them.

Alas, it is one of those jobs where I can get in trouble for talking too much about it.

Suffice to say, I needed to use the best PCP air rifle available, and I needed to know how to use it well.

Air rifles?” you may ask. “Why not real rifles?” That is a good question.

At first glance, firearms seem to have the advantage in power and ubiquity.

But they are loud. They are legally restricted. Ammunition can be expensive.

Not all air guns are toys. There are powerful pellet rifles out there.

I am not talking about competition shooting either.

You can use these for hunting everything from varmints to large game such as deer. Or even the most dangerous game… Dun dun dun…

Deer? With a pellet gun?


Read on to learn more.

What is an Air Gun, and Why Use One?

Today, the air gun is often though of as a toy, something for children to practice with before using a “real” firearm.

Girandoni What is Air Rifle Why Use One
The original air gun

But the history of air guns points to a different picture. One of the first semi-automatic “firearms” was the Girandoni Air Rifle1.

Invented in 1779, it fired a .46 caliber lead ball at almost 500 feet per second. Reloading was simple–tilt the gun up and the next ball fell into place.

A skilled user could fire the entire 20 round magazine before a musket user got off four shots, AND the air rifle was accurate past 100 yards without flooding everyone’s face with smoke.

It was the most potent infantry weapon of the era.

Modern air guns have a similar pedigree.

They use compressed air to launch a round metal ball (often called a BB – a ball bearing or “bullet ball”) or an aerodynamic pellet. Some are break barrel air rifles, others are loaded using a bolt action.

True, some are toys, only good for punching holes in paper.

But others have pre-charged pneumatic2 (PCP) tanks with 2500 PSI of air or more, allowing them to give out enough oomph to hunt game as large as boar and deer!

They can also use a spring to fire the pellet, which can give more speed and power than you expect. Some air rifles are capable of launching pellets 1000 fps or more, better than some firearms!

Powerful and accurate air rifles are the ones we are talking about today.

These air guns compare favorably with firearms when it comes to hunting. The ammunition is cheaper, they are much quieter, and there are fewer laws governing their use. They also do not have the same recoil as you’ll find in a firearm.

Depending on the type, some pellet rifles have practically no recoil!

Some can even be used for self defense. This may muddle the murky waters of law, so always educate yourself about the laws you need to follow3.

But if they can be lethal against a deer, they can be lethal against a human, too.

Read on for our air rifle reviews.

How Airguns Work

Despite the name, not all air guns use air to push their projectile.

The different types of supplying power to the pellet is called a powerplant, though you won’t find any cooling towers or radioactive waste here!

None use a chemical reaction, because then they’d be firearms, which we just don’t want right now.

The most common type of air gun uses a spring-piston. A coil spring is compressed, then when the trigger is pulled it pushes a pistol which compresses the air until the pressure launches the BB or pellet through the barrel.

These are cheap, fairly powerful, and fairly accurate, but have downsides.

You cannot leave a spring-piston air gun cocked all day, or you’ll weaken the spring.

They also have more recoil than other powerplants.

Pneumatic air guns compress the air before firing rather than using a spring-piston4. They can be pumped by the user or have an air reservoir, in which case they are known as pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air guns.

They provide smooth power for an extended period of time, but require pumping or refilling from a SCUBA tank.

Lastly, compressed CO2 is often used. Most CO2 air guns use disposable Powerlets filled with 12 grams of CO2, though larger tanks are available as well.

CO2 allows you to easily refill the air gun when empty, but loses power as the temperature drops.

The Best Air Rifles for Hunting

Most of the air rifles we talk about are pellet guns, though some can use either BBs or pellets. All will be able to take game.

The reviews will mention whether they are good for small game or large game.

Because we’re here for hunting and not for target practice, the reviews will be based on the largest caliber available for the model. We’ll mention if you can find the air rifle in a smaller caliber.

Also, even though I love wooden stocks, they are not as robust for hunting as synthetics, so keep that bias in mind.

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Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle – Quietest Pellet Gun

Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle quietest pellet gun

Tech Specs

Velocity:1200 fps with alloy pellets, 1000 fps with lead
Overall Length:46″
Barrel Length:18″
Weight:5.28 lbs
Powerplant:Break barrel spring-piston


The Gamo Whisper Silent Cat is a suppressed air rifle that fires .177 caliber pellets.

It comes with a 4×32 scope. The spring that fires the pellet is compressed when you break open the barrel to load the next round, and the gun automatically engages the safety after cocking.

The barrel has steel rifling encased in polymer, which works just as well as a traditional all-steel barrel but has greater weather resistance at a lighter weight.

Most of the gun is high-tech synthetics, in fact.

This gun is best used for small game such as squirrels and rabbits.

Pros/Things I Liked

Quietest Pellet Gun

Air rifles still make noise, and the Gamo Whisper Silent Cat makes much less noise than other air rifles. They claim a 52% reduction in sound. You’ll hear the air gun’s spring and the impact of the lead pellet on the target.

The break barrel system, though it requires 30lbs of force to use, is faster than a pump and cheaper than CO2.

Everything is synthetic, which makes this pellet gun more weather resistant than most.

It is also completely ambidextrous and is very accurate.

Cons/Things I Didn’t Like

The scope that comes with the air gun has a reputation for drifting after a few shots. Proper tightening technique can alleviate this, but it isn’t intuitive.

Ironically, another issue with the Gamo Whisper Silent Cat is sound. If you use polymer pellets instead of lead, the additional speed will cause the pellet to break the sound barrier, leading to a loud supersonic crack.

This air gun is only available in .177 caliber, which is fine for small game, but is less stable and hits softer than .22.


The Gamo Whisper Silent Cat is one of the most silent and most accurate air rifles on the market, though if you want to buy one, make sure it has the SAT trigger5.


Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston XL – Best Air Rifle for Varmint Hunting

Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston XL best for varmint hunting

Tech Specs

Caliber:.22, .177
Velocity:1100 fps with alloy pellets, 950 fps with lead
Overall Length:36.25″
Barrel Length:15.75″
Weight:8.3 lbs
Powerplant:Break barrel spring-piston


The Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston 2 Air Rifle comes packaged with a scope and has an integral suppressor. It also has a Picatinny rail on top.

The NP XL is an upgrade from a previous model, an improvement in every way.

The stock is hardwood, ambidextrous, and has a thumb hole, so it will handle any weather and can be used by any shooter.

The Benjamin Trail NP XL is a good pellet gun for small game and varmints.

Pros/Things I Liked

Often, breaking the barrel on these air rifles can be quite difficult. The Benjamin Trail NP XL, on the other hand, has one of the easiest break barrel actions on the market.

The trigger is quite nice compared to other air guns of the same price. It also comes with a 3-9×32 CenterPoint scope.

It is very accurate and quite powerful. The scope that comes with the air rifle aids in the accuracy by magnifying up to 9x, while most other pre-packaged scopes are generally 4x.

Cons/Things I Didn’t Like

Some air guns automatically engage the safety when you cock them. But that’s not the case with this airgun. You have to manually engage the safety in order to cock the rifle.

There is the occasional complaint of defects from the manufacturing process, but I did not encounter those myself. Still, be warned.

Additionally, the NP XL is also on the heavier side.


The Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston XL is powerful, accurate, quiet, and is comfortable to use. It does weigh a bit more than expected, and though it comes with a powerful scope, it is not the best scope on the market.


Crosman RepeatAir 1077 .177 Air Rifle – Good Semi-Automatic Pellet Gun for Beginners

Crosman RepeatAir 1077 .177 Air Rifle review

Tech Specs

Velocity:780 fps with alloy pellets and 625 with lead
Overall Length:36.88″
Barrel Length:20.38″
Weight:4.5 lbs
Powerplant:CO2 Powerlets


The Crosman RepeatAir 1077 appears to be a semi-automatic pellet gun. In reality, it is a double action revolver air rifle with a 12 round clip (Yes, clip, not magazine). Twelve pellets are held in a circular clip.

The stock is either synthetic or made of wood. Certain parts of the action are also plastic, but they work well enough. The barrel is blued steel.

CO2 Powerlets supply the energy for the pellets. Well, one 12 gram Powerlet.

This air gun is best used for hunting pieces of paper, though I suppose you could use it on chipmunks and rats.

Pros/Things I Liked

The 12 round revolver mechanism is nifty and seems to be reliable. There is a jam clearing mechanism built into the action, but it will likely go entirely unused.

Cons/Things I Didn’t Like

Crosman Repeat Air 1077 pellet gun

If you want to hunt with this air gun, you will be disappointed. The single CO2 Powerlet supplies not very much oomph, and since there is only one, power will drop off quickly.

Part of that is because of the temperature change from using the CO2 Powerlet frequently, so if you space out your shots you can maintain high power for longer. If it is cold out, do not expect much power even with a fresh Powerlet.

The trigger is also very heavy for an air gun. The sights are rather primitive, though you can find this airgun for sale with a 4×32 scope.


The Crosman RepeatAir 1077 is a fun air rifle, but not a very practical one.

It is too weak to be reliable for hunting anything except the smallest of game animals, like rats and chipmunks. If you want to use it for self defense, make sure your foe can only harm you with paper cuts. It’s still fun to use, though!


Benjamin Marauder – Best .177 Pellet Air Rifle

Benjamin Marauder Synthetic Stock Pellet Air Rifle review

Tech Specs

Caliber:.25, .22, .177
Capacity:8 or 10
Velocity:900 fps
Overall Length:42.8″
Barrel Length:20″
Weight:8.2 lbs
Powerplant:Pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) or CO2 Powerlets


The Crosman Benjamin Marauder is a PCP air rifle that also has the option of using CO2 Powerlets. It comes with either a synthetic or wood stock, and can even be purchased as a pistol with a removable stock.

It comes with an integral suppressor, an 8 round repeater magazine (10 with .22 or .177), and a 3,000 PSI air tank. That’s a lot of air power.

But you’ll only get 16 shots before needing to refill the air tank.

Because the Benjamin Marauder fires .25 caliber pellets, you are not limited to small game. Animals as large as coyotes are vulnerable to this one.

Pros/Things I Liked

best Pellet Air Rifle

.25 caliber hits harder than .22. It maintains its momentum better, so it bucks the wind more and penetrates farther.

There are instructions on how to fine tune the Benjamin Marauder to your preferences in the manual! Few other air guns even mention this possibility.

It may be the most accurate pellet gun on our list. Group sizes of under 1″ at 30 yards are common with good air guns, but the Benjamin Marauder can get groups of under half an inch at that distance!

Cons/Things I Didn’t Like

If you want to refill the Benjamin Marauder from a SCUBA tank then you will need to purchase the adapter kit, as it does not come with the air rifle.

This is a heavy gun. With a scope, you will be lugging around almost ten pounds of air gun. Either hit the gym before you go hunting with this gun, or expect the hunt to be a workout.

You will also get beefy arms by pumping up the air tank so much. This is one air-hungry gun, partially because the air tank is not moderated, which means the gun gulps, instead of sips, air.


Crosman’s Benjamin Marauder is one of the most common PCP air rifles in use today, and for good reason. It is accurate, powerful, adjustable, and is a repeater. You can check out our full review of the Marauder here.


AirForce Condor SS Air Rifle – Highest FPS Pellet Gun

AirForce Condor SS Air Rifle review

Tech Specs

Caliber:.25, .22, .20, or .177
Velocity:Variable; 600-1300 fps depending on caliber and power setting
Overall Length:38.125″
Barrel Length:18″
Weight:6.1 lbs
Powerplant:Pre-charged pneumatic


AirForce has designed their air rifles based on optimized design instead of tradition.

The air reservoir functions as the stock, and is directly in line with the chamber and barrel, which is integrally suppressed in the Condor SS model.

There is an extended rail for mounting a scope, though optional open sights can also be installed. It has a pistol grip, and the trigger is non-traditional yet comfortable.

This powerful and accurate air rifle can be used to take small game, and even some medium-sized game. At close range it can go against a coyote and win.

Pros/Things I Liked

The Condor SS is quiet. It almost seems too quiet for how powerful it is.

The space-age design is very comfortable and ergonomic. Using this pellet gun has spoiled me so much other, more traditional, air rifles seem poorly designed.

You can control the amount of air sent to the pellet! Do you want to plink all day with one tank, or deplete it as quickly as possible to hit the animal as hard as possible?

It’s up to you!

The AirForce Condor SS is also very light for how much power it holds.

Cons/Things I Didn’t Like

My main gripe with this gun is the same one for all high power PCP air rifles:

It consumes lots of air, and it takes a lot to fill it back up again.

Also, it is expensive compared to other air rifles of similar capabilities.


If you want an air rifle that does not look like an air rifle, has a variable power supply, is lightweight and powerful, then choose the AirForce Condor SS.


Benjamin Bulldog – Best PCP Air Rifle

Benjamin Bulldog Air Rifle review

Tech Specs

Velocity:910 fps
Overall Length:36″
Barrel Length:28″
Weight:7.7 lbs
Powerplant:Pre-charged pneumatic


A replacement for the Benjamin Rogue, the Benjamin Bulldog is a bullpup repeating air gun with two Picatinny rails.

The manual even recommends scope rings meant for the AR-15!

This air rifle sends an 81 grain .357 caliber pellet flying at a swift 910 fps, faster than some air rifles send their .177 pellets!

The stock is synthetic and looks like it came out of a sci-fi movie. It also has a built in suppressor, which also looks like it belongs on the cover of a science fiction novel.

Five rounds are held in a rotary clip, which automatically indexes to prepare for the next shot.

You’ll get ten of those at full power from the 3000 PSI reservoir, which takes days to pump to full (not really, but it’s a really long time). An external air tank is the recommended filling method.

If you want to hunt deer or feral hogs, this airgun is more than capable.

Best PCP Air Rifle

Pros/Things I Liked

The bullpup design shortens the overall length and, unlike a bullpup firearm, there are no explosions occurring just next to your cheek.

Everything else is just as advanced. This air rifle does not look like a traditional air rifle.

Good thing, too. It outperforms almost all of them.

Cons/Things I Didn’t Like

Even though it won’t take literal days to pump the reservoir full of air, it will feel like it. Hey, at least your arms will get nice and buff.

The only other thing I do not like about this air rifle is that I do not currently have one sitting at home.


The Benjamin Bulldog is a very advanced air rifle which fires .357 bullets–not just pellets–and can be used to hunt five deer at once, if you are really quick at shooting.


Crosman Shockwave NP Quiet Fire – Best Bang for the Buck

Crosman Shockwave NQ Quiet Fire perfect budget inexpensive airgun for small game hunting

Tech Specs

Caliber:.177, .22
Velocity:1000 fps with .177 pellets and 800 fps with .22
Overall Length:46.00”
Weight:7.50 lbs


The Crosman Shockwave NP Quiet Fire comes with a shrouded barrel, which is meant to make it a quiet air gun. It features a two-stage adjustable trigger and offers the power you need to hunt small game.

The textured stock is made of all-weather ambidextrous synthetic material, which means you won’t need to worry about using this air gun during rain or bad weather.

The package of this product includes a 4 x 32mm scope and a Picatinny rail for maximum flexibility, along with a fixed front fiber optic sight and an adjustable fiber optic rear sight.

Pros/Things I Liked

The Crosman Shockwave NP Quiet Fire performs better than expected of its affordable price tag.

It’s fairly accurate and offers enough power to hunt small game like rodents and rats.

Cons/Things I Didn’t Like

The most annoying thing about this rifle is that it’s very hard to cock.

Additionally, it’s also a bit louder than you may expect, since Crosman advertises the Shockwave Quiet Fire as being quiet.


If you’re looking for a budget air gun that you can use for small game animals, go with the Crosman Shockwave NP Quiet Fire.


Benjamin Variable Pump – Most Accurate Air Gun

Benjamin variable pump most accurate air gun with iron sights

Tech Specs

Caliber:.177, .22
Velocity:1100 fps with .177 and 800 fps with .22
Overall Length:36.75”
Weight:5.50 lbs
Powerplant:Multi-pump pneumatic


Featuring a classic design, the Benjamin Variable Pump is easy to operate and powerful enough for small game, including woodchucks, doves, squirrels, and rats.

One of the best things about this air gun is that it’s very accurate. It’s a variable pump pellet air gun, which means you can pump it to the desired power.

You can dial in the number of pumps it takes to find the sweet spot between power and accuracy.

While the front sight of the rifle is fixed, you can adjust the rear sight for elevation and windage.

Although the company claims that the effective range of this rifle is 15 yards it’s more than capable of being accurate to 25 yards or even farther, depending on your pellet.

Pros/Things I Liked

The accuracy of the Benjamin Variable Pump is impeccable. It also looks great.

It’s easy to operate and can kill small game with flying colors.

Cons/Things I Didn’t Like

The biggest drawback of this product, which can be a deal breaker for many people, is that it doesn’t come with a scope. You’ll have to modify the receiver to attach one, which will void your warranty.

Also, pump-action air guns can take a large number of pumps if you want each shot to be at full power, so don’t expect to make up for missed shots at an animal.


The Benjamin Variable Pump is a classy, accurate, and reliable air rifle for the small game if you don’t mind iron sights.


Diana RWS 350 Magnum – Best Spring Piston Rifle

Diana RWS 350 Magnum great spring piston air rifle high velocity

Tech Specs

Caliber:.177, .22
Velocity:1250 fps with .177 and 1000 fps with .22
Overall Length:48.00”
Barrel Length:19.25”
Weight:8.20 lbs


The Diana RWS 350 Magnum features a sleek design, and it’s easy to cock and handle.

Whether you want an air gun just for plinking or for pest control, this a great air gun.

It’s important to note that the Diana RWS 350 Magnum doesn’t come with a scope and you’ll need to buy it separately if you want to use one.

Additionally, you’ll also need to be very careful while choosing pellets for this air gun.

That’s because not all pellets work effectively with this rifle.

RWS Superdome pellets to regarded to be the most reliable and effective. Although these pellets are a bit on the heavier side, they fly flat and hit hard.

It’s available in two caliber variants, including .177 and .22., though both of these are only good for plinking and small game hunting. Don’t expect this air gun to take down coyotes.

Pros/Things I Liked

The Diana RWS 350 Magnum comes in a classic wooden design.

The build quality of this air rifle is great and is known to be reliable and long-lasting.

Cons/Things I Didn’t Like

The 350 Magnum a bit on the heavier side, which is great for stability but can wear you out as you hike through the woods to the perfect hunting spot.

In addition, it’s also very noisy.


If you’re looking for a classic spring-piston air gun that’s easy to operate, fairly accurate, can hunt small game, and potentially last for years to come, go with the Diana RWS 350 Magnum.


Beeman R9 Elite Series Scope Combo – Best Air Rifle Combo for Small Game Hunting

Beeman R9 Elite Series Scope Combo great starter kit for small game hunting

Tech Specs

Caliber:.177, .22
Velocity:935 fps with .177 and 740 fps with .22
Overall Length:42.25”
Barrel Length:16.50”
Weight:8.5 lbs


The Beeman R9 is a powerful and lightweight German-engineered product.

This bad boy is available in two different variants, including .22 and .177 caliber.

It comes with a pre-installed Bushnell Banner 4-12×40 scope.

Although it’s very expensive, just like any other gun by Beeman, the quality of the product justifies the price tag.

You can use this gun for hunting small game and expect it to take down hares, rabbits, rats, and other small rodents.

Pros/Things I Liked

The build quality of this air gun is impressive.

It’s also accurate and the high-quality pre-installed scope makes it even easier to operate.

Cons/Things I Didn’t Like

The only downside of this air gun is that it’s expensive. You don’t want to buy this gun for casual gunners, beginners, and kids.


If money isn’t a problem for you and you want to buy a long-lasting, powerful, accurate, and beautiful air gun to hunt small game, you can’t go wrong with the Beeman R9 Elite Series air gun.


The Best Pellet Guns for Self Defense

To get this out the way: A firearm is almost always better than an air gun for self defense.

The large-bore air guns that equal firearms in danger against humans will have a smaller capacity than an equivalent firearm.

But sometimes, they can still be a good idea.

Perhaps you need to travel through an area where you need to be able to defend yourself at range, but are prohibited from carrying a firearm in your vehicle or on your person.

In a pinch, certain large-bore air rifles may be your best choice.

Another word about the air guns which look like “real” pistols or rifles: Do not carry these expecting to be able to flash them and expect a bad guy to stand down.

Most laws prohibit such displays. Only draw a gun if you are responding to immediate lethal force.

Also, if you flash an air gun and they call your bluff, you just put yourself at a major disadvantage.

Stay safe, respect the laws, and do not rely on a bluff.

If you do carry an air rifle for self-defense, make sure it is the most powerful air rifle you can find.

All of the rifles below are also hunting air rifles. They just have the capacity to be used for self defense as well.

Of the pellet rifles we reviewed, I feel only two are acceptable for use as a “self defense gun.”

My criteria were that they had to be able to fire more than one round without requiring a recharge and that they also had to be greater than .22 caliber, as that round doesn’t really cut it even with gunpowder behind it.

Benjamin Bulldog best self defense air rifle

The Benjamin Bulldog is my choice for a self defense air rifle. Five rounds of .357 at around 900 fps is enough to give any bad guy a bad day.

My second choice is the Benjamin Marauder. Eight rounds of .25 is not quite as powerful, but it is still capable in a pinch.

Benjamin Maarauder best pellet rifle for self defense

Keep in mind that we are not lawyers, and any recommendations we make should be taken with a grain of salt and a shot of tequila. And a slice of lime.


Air rifles are no mere toys.

Well, some can be.

But the ones we reviewed today are hunting rifles. More capable than some firearms, with less of the legal mumbo-jumbo.

And a couple are even good enough to be useful in saving your life.


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