2024‘s 12 Best Holsters for All Types of Concealed Carry

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Our Top Pick

Top Pick Overall Best Concealded Carry Holster Galco KingTuk Air IWBWant the all-around best concealed carry holster?

Then you want the Galco KingTuk Air!

It’s a tuckable IWB holster that’s inexpensive, lightweight, and securely conceals your firearm!

As I have talked about before, every person who wants to survive in this world should know self defense.

Now, there are many different self-defense tools out there. Not all tools are good for everybody.

But one of the most effective methods for defending yourself is to carry a handgun[1].

Firearms are the great equalizer.

A young woman, a gymbro, and a brown bear are all on vastly different physical-strength levels.

But all are on equal grounds when armed with a gun!

(Who’s teaching bears how to shoot, anyway?)

However, polite company won’t remain polite very long if you walk everywhere with a big iron on your hip, open for the entire world to see.

Unconcealed outside-the-waistband (OWB) holsters may be good in the woods but you’ll want to conceal your piece the rest of the time.

So, let’s look at your best holster choices for concealing your pistol!

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The Best Concealed Carry Holsters

ModelLocationGun Specific?RatingPrice
Galco Ankle Glove HolsterAnkleYes4.5$$$

Check Price
ComforTac Ultimate Belly Band HolsterBellyNo4.5$

Check Price
Flashbang Women's HolsterBraYes3.4$

Check Price
5.11 Tactical Holster Shirt Style 40011TorsoNo4.3$$$

Check Price
Galco KingTuk AirWaistYes5.0$$

Check Price
We the People Adjustable OWB Kydex Paddle HolsterWaistYes4.2$$

Check Price
Sticky HolstersPocket or WaistPartially4.7$

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Galco Miami ClassicTorsoYes4.1$$$$$

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DeSantis Small of Back HolsterSmall of BackYes4.7$$

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Fullmosa Drop Leg HolsterThighNo3.1$

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Q-Series Stealth HolsterPocket or WaistYes3.9$$

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UnderTech UnderCover ShortsWaistNo4.1$$$

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Best Ankle Holster

Galco Ankle Glove Holster

  • Material: Steerhide, sheepskin, and neoprene
  • Attachment Method: Neoprene wrap
  • Retention Method: Thumb break
  • Handedness: Left or right
  • Gun Specific? Yes

See full specs


Galco’s Ankle Glove holster is a gun-specific holster you wear on your, well, ankle.

Wearing a gun on your ankle, much like wearing a knife in your boot, has advantages and disadvantages.

It’s not for everyone (don’t try it while wearing cargo shorts, socks, and sandals!) but it’s a great choice for a small backup gun.

The Ankle Glove is a near-perfect ankle holster.

A wide, sheepskin-padded neoprene band uses Velcro to attach to your ankle. It’s comfortable, albeit warm.

Oh, and your ankle has to be 13″ in circumference or less.

Formed steerhide holds the pistol at a slight angle.

There’s a thumb break to securely hold your pistol without making it difficult to draw in a time of need.

The Ankle Glove may slip down on some people but Galco sells a retention strap to keep your pistol up.

  • Comfortable
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Gets very warm when the temperature isn’t cool
  • Requires long pants
  • Won’t fit large-legged folks without an extension

The Galco Ankle Glove is an excellent ankle holster that fits nearly everyone but has to be worn under long pants.

Best Belly Holster

ComforTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster

  • Material: Neoprene and elastic
  • Attachment Method: Wraps around torso
  • Retention Method: Strap with button
  • Handedness: Left or right
  • Gun Specific? No

See full specs


There are many belly band holster manufacturers out there (see our list of the best belly band holsters on the market). 

Most of them are big swaths of elastic, which gets uncomfortable and degrades quickly.

The ComforTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster is primarily neoprene.

Elastic is used to hold items in place. This can be more than a pistol.

There’s a magazine pouch which attaches to the hook and loop field so you can move it around.

There is also a large elastic pocket which can hold several magazines, a pocket knife, money, your cell phone, or other items you want to carry.

Don’t want to carry this stuff around your belly?

How to wear belly band holster why choose stomach neoprene concealed carry

You can wear the Ultimate “Belly Band” as a shoulder holster, too!

There are two annoying parts to this holster system, though.

First: While it’s made from “breathable” neoprene, you’ll still sweat more with this belly band on your belly.

Second: The elastic retention straps hold shut via snaps which are awkward to open with one hand.

ComforTac calls the retention straps “optional” but you have to cut them off in order to not use them…

  • Can conceal more than just a pistol and magazine
  • Fits most handguns
  • More comfortable than other belly holsters
  • Awkward retention straps which you have to cut to remove
  • Holds body warmth

Belly bands are a good choice for people with smaller stomachs and who have a hard time with traditional concealment options. The ComforTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster is the best one available.

Best Bra Holster

Flashbang Women’s Holster

  • Material: Kydex and suede
  • Attachment Method: Strap with snap button
  • Retention Method: Clamshell
  • Handedness: Left or right
  • Gun Specific? Yes

See full specs


Women often find they don’t have as many concealment options as men.

The gals from Flashbang decided to fix this with the Flashbang Women’s Holster, which is a bra holster.

It has a clamshell design which uses a folded piece of molded Kydex to hold your gun horizontal.

A suede strap holds the holster to your bra, which in turns holds the holster in place.

Proper set-up isn’t very obvious but there are videos to help you out.

Best Holster for Busty Women Flashbang CCW Bosom Holster

All you need to draw is to lift up your shirt (flash!) and pull down on the gun. The clamshell separates, the strap keeps the holster in place, and you can point your gun at the bad guy (bang!).

Now, because this holster works with your bra and bosom, it won’t work for everyone.

Smaller-chested ladies may find that it doesn’t conceal enough and it doesn’t work with all bras.

Also, there’s an adjustment screw for the strap which can project inside the holster to scratch the pistol’s finish, though you can file that screw down.

  • Fast and easy draw
  • Works with your curves to conceal your pistol
  • Can scratch the gun
  • Concealment depends on your breast size (bigger = more concealment)
  • May require an underwire bra

The Flashbang Women’s Holster is a great concealment choice for women with larger chests who don’t want to feel constrained in their clothing choices.

Best Holster Shirt

5.11 Tactical Holster Shirt Style 40011

  • Material: Polyester and spandex
  • Attachment Method: It’s a shirt
  • Retention Method: Velcro
  • Handedness: Either
  • Gun Specific? No

See full specs


The 5.11 Tactical Holster Shirt, style 40011, is an athletic shirt with two built-in vertical shoulder holsters.

As far as shirts go it’s pretty alright.

It’s made from 80% polyester and 20% spandex. It fits tightly but wicks moisture and has breathable mesh so it doesn’t heat you up.

Under each armpit is a vertical slit closed with Velcro squares.

These are your holsters.

Each one can carry a handgun or anything else you may way to conceal, such as magazines, money, or top-secret documents.

Users recommend using lighter pistols because heavier guns can make the shirt less comfortable.

However, smaller guns may disappear into the pocket too far. You may want to wad up a small sock and stock it down there to push the gun up a bit.

You do need to wear another shirt over this one if you want to conceal the gun(s).

Drawing from this shirt can be slow because you’ll need to work your way under the other one!

  • Comfortable
  • Great at concealing most items
  • Heavier guns can weigh the shirt down and be uncomfortable
  • Slow draw

5.11 Tactical’s style 40011 Holster Shirt is a high-quality, low-drag way to get shoulder holster functionality without needing to wear a jacket.

By the way, you may see reviews where people tell you to size up. This is supposed to be a compression shirt. If you size up, your pistol won’t be supported properly!

Best IWB Holster

Galco KingTuk Air

  • Material: Steerhide and Kydex
  • Attachment Method: Removable belt clips
  • Retention Method: Friction
  • Handedness: Left or right
  • Gun Specific? Yes

See full specs


We finally get to a “traditional” inside-the-waistband holster!

The Galco KingTuk is a series of fantastic IWB holsters. My favorite is the KingTuk Air for several reasons:

  1. It adds vent holes to the leather to help keep you cool
  2. It’s cheaper somehow

I’m guessing Galco saves a few bucks by leaving the leather a natural color.

Anyways, the KingTuk Air is a steerhide and Kydex holster with two replaceable and movable belt clips.

The wide leather keeps your heavy pistol from flopping around and also serves as a sweat guard to keep your gun’s finish pristine.

It also stops the gun’s rear sights from digging into your side, too.

The Kydex is molded to match your pistol exactly, providing a strong-enough friction fit.

The belt clips curve up then back down to hold onto your belt and allow you to tuck your shirt into your pants, aiding in concealment.

You can move the clips to adjust ride height and cant, too.

  • Adjustable for cant and height
  • Comfortable
  • Tuckable
  • You can change the belt clips
  • May not fit smaller-framed persons

Galco’s KingTuk Air is a tuckable IWB holster with a wide sweat guard that won’t cause you to sweat. It’s a bit wide for some people, though.

Best OWB Holster

We the People Adjustable OWB Kydex Paddle Holster

  • Material: Kydex
  • Attachment Method: Belt clip
  • Retention Method: Friction
  • Handedness: Left or right
  • Gun Specific? Yes

See full specs


We the People’s OWB Holster is a paddle holster made entirely of Kydex.

The paddle system sits both inside and outside your pants to add strength and adjustability without needing to project out from your hip, keeping it concealable.

You can adjust how high your gun rides, the draw angle, and also retention tension.

It’s also small enough to be worn anywhere on your belt without being small enough to want to tip over during a long day.

There’s a small sweat guard to protect your pistol’s finish. An undercut section around the trigger guard improves your grip as you draw your pistol.

There’s even a small square molded into the Kydex so your gun “clicks” into place.

This both aids in retention and lets you know when your firearm is secure!

  • Fully adjustable
  • Lightweight and thin for an OWB holster
  • May not fit appropriately on a 1.5″ belt (use a thicker or wider gun belt)

If you want an OWB holster you can use for either open carry or concealed carry and want to adjust cant, ride height, and retention tension, the We the People holster is the one for you.

Best Pocket Holster

Sticky Holsters

  • Material: “Super non-slip material”
  • Attachment Method: Sticky outer layer
  • Retention Method: Friction
  • Handedness: Either
  • Gun Specific? No

See full specs


A few years ago, Sticky Holsters (and their competitor Remora) jumped onto the scene and shook up the holster world.

They’ve been oft-imitated (AMAZON LINK) but Sticky Holsters remains the best sticky holster out there.

It’s a generic-fit hoster in different sizes. The best selling size is MD-4 Medium, which fits the Glock 43, Smith & Wesson Shield, Springfield XD-S, and other pistols.

The outer material is a proprietary non-slip material that sticks to nearly everything.

This makes these holster perfect for slipping into your pocket.

They won’t come out unless you want them to!

You can also use a Sticky Holster as an IWB holster.

Yes, without belt clips!

It works pretty well for this purpose. Provided you’re not parkouring away from a zombie horde or wearing yoga pants.

  • Fits many guns
  • Good for both pocket and IWB carry
  • Stays in place so long as there is pressure
  • Reholstering may be difficult
  • Requires a belt to apply proper tension

Sticky Holsters are an excellent choice when you want a holster that stays in your pocket or a holster that sticks between your belt and you.

Best Shoulder Holster

Galco Miami Classic

  • Material: Steerhide leather
  • Attachment Method: Spider harness
  • Retention Method: Strap with snap
  • Handedness: Left or right
  • Gun Specific? Yes

See full specs


Shoulder holsters may be old school but they’re still an excellent choice when you’ll be wearing a jacket all day long.

The Galco Miami Classic is a very high-quality leather shoulder holster.

It carries your pistol horizontally under one arm and two magazines under your other.

The leather is thick enough to last for decades and is molded to match your pistol.

A snap strap holds your gun and magazines in place until you need to draw them.

The shoulder straps are Galco’s unique spider harness system that’s completely adjustable. Once you have the straps adjusted you use retainers to keep everything in place.

If you find that a horizontal draw makes your gun too obvious then you can buy a vertical version instead!

  • Adjustable to fit your body
  • High-quality materials
  • Modular
  • Expensive
  • Requires a jacket to conceal

Not everyone will be able to carry their gun in a shoulder holster. Those that can should carry their pistol in the best shoulder holster, the Galco Miami Classic.

Best Small of Back Holster

DeSantis Small of Back Holster

  • Material: Leather
  • Attachment Method: Belt loops
  • Retention Method: Friction (adjustable)
  • Handedness: Left or right
  • Gun Specific? Yes

See full specs


Opinions are mixed on small-of-back carry.

Carrying SOB conceals pistols which would be visible if worn on your hip.

On the other hand, this puts a metal gun right next to your spine, potentially causing an injury if you fall backward onto your gun.

Some people find this fear overstated.

The DeSantis Small of Back Holster is perfect for these people.

It’s a thick leather holster with belt loops cut out that can fit 1.5″ belts.

Retention is through friction but you can adjust the tension.

Ride height and cant are not adjustable but the butt-up position provides for a fast, comfortable draw.

  • Comfortable and surprisingly concealable
  • Durable yet lightweight leather
  • Butt-up position for an easy draw
  • Not everyone is comfortable with small of back carry
  • Requires an untucked shirt or jacket

The DeSantis Small of Back Holster is a comfortable holster that’s easy to draw from, though it requires an untucked garment for concealment.

Best Thigh Holster

Fullmosa Drop Leg Holster

  • Material: Neoprene or elastic
  • Attachment Method: Straps or lace
  • Retention Method: Velcro strap
  • Handedness: Either
  • Gun Specific? No

See full specs


There aren’t a lot of good concealable thigh holsters to choose from.

The Fullmosa Drop Leg Holster is the best thigh holster available, though I will tell you right now that this does not make it a great holster.

It’s still better than the cheap elastic ribbon-y whatsits, though!

The Fullmosa holster is a thin, concealable version of drop leg holsters, designed to carry medium-to-small pistols.

Unlike other thigh holsters, there’s no silly lace or ribbon. So, it’s good for the skirted woman or kilted man.

Or skirted man. I won’t judge.

It consists of a thigh holster that either has two adjustable straps or a lace-up portion.

The holster is elastic sewn in an inverted triangle with an elastic retention strap above that secures your pistol and attaches via Velcro.

There’s also an elastic magazine pocket.

The holster connects to a belt with an adjustable retention strap.

This belt can be either your normal belt or, if worn under clothing, a thin nylon belt which comes with the holster.

Best Drop Leg CCW Concealed Carry Holster Under Skirt Kilt Jeans Pants Slacks

This retention strap is a major source of the problems with this holster.

The holster portion can’t hold up by itself so it needs this garter belt-like strap.

But it’s not very well designed so many people reporting slipping!

It’s elastic so your gun’s weight will pull the holster down.

Also, the strap is smooth enough for the adjustment clips to not hold in place!

You’ll have to modify the holster retention strap to turn this into a good holster.

  • Basically the only thigh holster that’s not super frilly
  • Holds small to medium pistols well
  • The holster will fall down your thigh even with the retention strap unless you modify that strap somehow

The Fullmosa Drop Leg Holster is your best choice for concealing a pistol under a skirt or kilt, though you may have to modify the holster retention straps.

Best Trigger Guard Holster

Q-Series Stealth Holster

  • Material: Injection molded polymer
  • Attachment Method: Belt clip
  • Retention Method: Snaps over trigger guard
  • Handedness: Either
  • Gun Specific? Yes

See full specs


Trigger guard holster were all the rage for a moment then disappeared, leaving behind only smoking traces of low-quality generics on Amazon. For the most part.

Most people don’t recommend trigger guard “holsters” because they don’t do anything but cover the trigger guard, and often they don’t do that well!

The Q-Series Stealth Holster is what other trigger guard holsters should have been.

It’s an ultra-slim “holster” that covers little more than your pistol’s trigger guard.

It’s made from rigid polymer that snaps into place, offering great retention with minimal bulk.

Best Trigger Guard Holster with Belt Clip Safe Kydex Comparison Alternatives

The winning point, though, is the belt clip.

Most trigger guard holsters don’t have one. The Stealth Holster has a tuckable clip that attaches to belt or pant waistline and is adjustable for right hand or left hand, IWB or OWB use.

The Stealth Holster is a minimalist holster so don’t expect anything like a sweat guard or much adjustability.

Instead, it’s ultra-lightweight and has minimal bulk, though the clip projects out a little further than I’d like.

  • Ambidextrous and good for IWB or OWB use
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Minimalist design
  • Securely covers the trigger
  • Doesn’t block sweat from getting to your pistol
  • Not as stable as other holsters due to the single clip design

If you want a minimalist trigger guard holster than the Q-Series Stealth Holster is perfect for you. Anything more minimalist will be dangerous.

Best Underwear Holster

UnderTech UnderCover Shorts

  • Material: Polyester and elastic
  • Attachment Method: It’s underwear
  • Retention Method: Elastic
  • Handedness: Either
  • Gun Specific? No

See full specs for men’s version

See full specs for women’s version


How about one of the weirder concealed carry methods?

Much like a shirt with built-in holsters, the UnderTech UnderCover Concealment Shorts are base layer clothes which can conceal a pistol and more.

Except, its underwear.

Pretty good underwear, too.

UnderCovers are compression-style athletic undershorts which will keep you cool and wick away sweat.

UnderTech Undercover Women's Concealed Carry Boy Shorts Ambidextrous Pistol

There are two holsters on each pair of underwear so you can fit a gun in one side butt-up and several magazines or other gear on the other side.

Both men’s and women’s styles are available.

The best selling point for these underwear holsters is how they let you conceal a firearm on your waist regardless of your other clothes.

You’re no longer constrained by needing a belt. Feel free to pack heat when wearing athletic shorts!

  • Good as athletic underwear
  • Good for concealing a pistol when going without a belt
  • Front sights can get caught under the elastic
  • May not be able to carry larger pistols or ones with lights

UnderTech’s UnderCover Concealment Shorts are a great choice for men or women who wants to conceal a smaller pistol behind their hips without having to worry about wearing a belt.

What to Look For in a Concealed Carry Holster

Best Holster for Large Waist Small Torso Vertical Shoulder Holster Galco Miami Classic

With so many different concealed carry holsters, how do you choose?

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all CCW holster.

Every person’s body is different from all the rest.

Hip and body measurements, body fat, gender, etc all factor into what makes a holster concealable for you.

A person with big hips and a small torso may have a worse time carrying on their belt and a better time with a shirt or shoulder holster.

You want to work with your body’s lines (or curves), not against them.

Let’s look at some of the non-genetic factors which factor into what makes a certain holster good or bad for you.


Whether or not a certain holster is comfortable will make or break a holster for you.

You won’t want to wear an uncomfortable holster even if it’s a technically superb choice!

This can be a personal factor but there are a couple of things to look for.

For example, are you a warm-blooded or cold-blooded person?

Holsters such as the Galco Ankle Glove and the ComforTec Ultimate Belly Band may be a bad choice for someone who overheats quickly.

Or perhaps you don’t like tight pressure against your body.

In this case, you may want to get a Sticky Holster and stick your gun in your pocket.


What you wear will determine the holsters you can use.

Skip the Galco Miami Classic and DeSantis Small of Back Holster if you wear tucked-in shirts every day without a jacket or coat.

Belly, shirt, thigh, and underwear holsters are great for people who don’t wear the standard shirt-belt-pants paradigm.


How to Choose CCW Holster Clothing Attachment Draw Protection

A subset of “clothing,” attachment matters.

Most CCW holsters attach to a belt.

Which means they’re worthless if you aren’t wearing a belt!

There’s a lesser concern regarding the choice between belt clips and belt loops.

Some holsters with belt clips will let go of the belt before letting go of the pistol!

You won’t have to worry about that with any of the above holsters, though.


Concealed carry holsters are often on a sliding scale between “very concealable” and “easy to draw.”

You’ll have to balance this with your own thoughts on the subject.

Practice will improve your drawing speed but only up to a point. Consider how fast you’ll need to draw your gun.

You may want to skip that shirt holster if you’re going to be bundled up in many layers, for example.

Firearm Protection

This is a relatively minor consideration but it is important for some people.

Sweat, especially during summer, can pose a danger to some metal guns over a long period of time[2].

You may want to get a holster with a sweat guard if you’re particularly sweaty or have caustic sweat which causes metal to rust.

That’s my unfortunate malady, by the way!

On the other hand, if you have a gun with a particularly tough coating, don’t care about sweating into your pistol, or are carrying in winter, then you can look at holsters which protect the pistol less.


No matter how you conceal your firearm, one of the above holsters will be a perfect choice for you.

In fact, you may benefit from having multiple holster styles!

Wear a ComforTech UnderCover while out for your morning run.

Put on a Galco KingTuk Air when heading into the office.

Then slip into a Fullmosa Drop Leg Holster for wearing a tactical kilt while hiking! (They’re good for mobility and ventilation!)

But remember:

Consistent practice, not the flashiest gear, is what’s important for defending yourself properly.


Where Should I Carry My Gun?

There’s no one-size-fits-all location for carrying a concealed gun.

The two most popular places are under your arms with a shoulder holster or somewhere on your belt.

If you look straight down and consider your waistline to be like a clock, people generally carry at 2 o’clock or 5 o’clock. 6 o’clock is small of back carry.

However, you don’t have to be limited to these locations.

Belly and thigh holsters give you even greater concealment sometimes.

It all depends on your body and clothes.

Some people even choose off-body carry, in which case you’ll want a good concealment bag or purse.

Is IWB or OWB Carry Better?

IWB carry conceals your gun better than OWB carry at the expense of a slower draw.

That’s because you have to pull your shirt out of the way. This can take two hands to do.

OWB carry requires an external garment or untucked shirt for concealment but lets you draw with one hand.

Should I Carry Some Magazines, Too?


Though modern handguns can store many cartridges inside one magazine, you don’t want to be lacking in a shootout.

Though one could argue statistics, the average number of shots fired in a shootout, etc, at the end of the day you want to prepare for a Really Bad Day.

You might be able to get by with all of the rounds in one magazine.

But if you need a reload and don’t have it, or suffer a malfunction (which always seem to happen at the worst time) well, you lost that fight.

The standard advice is to carry two extra magazines[3].


  1. https://www.activeresponsetraining.net/resistance-to-violent-crime-what-does-the-research-show
  2. http://concealednation.org/2017/10/what-sweat-does-to-your-concealed-carry-handgun/
  3. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/why-you-need-two-spare-magazines-for-your-carry-gun/

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