Top 6 Best Belly Band Holsters: Review & Buying Guide

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Best Belly Band Holster: Winners

Have you ever been mugged or faced an unexpected violent incident?

We hope the answer is a no, but just in case you have, then you’d know how terrifying the experience is.

You do not know what the next minute has in store and you find yourself at the offender’s mercy.

Even if you are carrying a firearm, safety isn’t guaranteed! Why’s that? Because what’s more important than just carrying a firearm is how quickly you can get your hands on it and catch the other person off-guard.

Did you know that Americans use their firearms approximately 500,000 to 3 million times each year just for defending themselves? What this number does not tell you is how many people weren’t able to use their firearms!

Instead of stuffing a handgun down your pocket or boot, a belly band holster is a safe and effective method of keeping your handgun on your person.

In this article, we talk about what makes a belly band holster an essential day-to-day item of use and how you can decide the perfect belly band holster for your needs. 

More importantly, keep an eye out for the best belly band holster that we’ve listed further in this product review with their detailed specifications, pros, and cons. 

What is a Belly Band Holster?

As the name suggests, the best belly band holster is a holster that comes with a band or strap (usually velcro) to tie around your waist. 

The primary purpose of a belly band holster is to provide for deep concealment of the firearm while still providing you with the ability to get it out quickly in the event of a mishap.

The world has seen a shift from traditional holsters to belly band holsters thanks to the belly band’s plethora of benefits. 

Firstly, they can be worn in a variety of positions (and not just the belly). There are belly band holsters that you can wear in the 3 o’clock or 12 o’clock position and also the appendix and the torso. This flexibility allows you to place the gun at a point where you find it the most convenient to access it. 

If you are a person with an active lifestyle, for instance, a sportsperson, professional shooter, or a cop, a belly band holster will do you much good as it’ll fit tightly to your body and won’t slip as much as a traditional pocket holster. 

You wouldn’t be required to scour for ways to fit the gun with changing attires. Be it a formal shirt, sweat pants, or yoga pants, a belly band holster is a one-stop solution to every situation.

Moreover, it’s a great way to achieve complete concealment of a firearm. People around you won’t notice that you have a firearm on you as it is designed to be worn under your clothing.

Most belly band holsters encompass pouches and slots where you can fit one or two extra magazines and carry your valuables such as your IDs, keys, etc.

With premium belly band holsters, the extra slots may be removable or adjustable which sets new standards of comfort and flexibility.

Best Belly Band Holster Reviews

ModelSize FeaturesWeighs User Rating (Out of 5)Price
DeSantis Elastic Ambidextrous Belly Band Holster
-Small (for waist size 24-28)
-X-large (for waist size 44-40)
-XX-large (for waist size 52-58)
-Black/Natural Finish color
-Left/right-hand orientation
-5″ wide elastic band
Package weighs just 0.25 pounds4.5small orange
DeSantis Belly Band Holster
Medium fits waist size 30-34. Large Fits Waist size 36-44-3 large pockets
-5" elastic band
-Fabric: Ballistic Nylon
N/P4.1small orange
51NpDHL3OTL.SL500 1
STRAPT Belly Band Holster
13.07×6.42×1.69 inches in size- 49″ length
- Right-hand orientation
- Aeroprene material
Package weighs 0.595 pounds3.6small orange
51KqSx68ZL.SL160 1
JINJULI True Tactic Conceal Safe Belly Band Holster
Width:12.5cm Tape:57cm(stretch length 100cm) Belt circle:101cm(stretch length 170cm) Weight:114g-Right-hand orientation
-Heavy-duty elastic material
-Tape length of 57cm (stretchable up to 100cm)
-Belt circle of 101cm (stretchable up to 170cm)
Weighs just 0.25 pounds4small orange

Blue Stone Original Belly Band Gun Holster
-Small (for waist size 30-32″)
-Medium (for waist size 32-38″)
-Large (for waist size 36-42″)
-XLarge (for waist size 39-45″)
2XL (for waist size 44-50″)
-Manufactured by BlueStone Safety
-5 ½ ” wide strap
Weighs just 0.5 pounds5
Gexgune Hunting Belly Band Holster Neoprene Gun Holster
N/P-Manufactured by Gexgune
-Neoprene material
-Black in color
-100% satisfaction service
N/P5small orange

Having given you the perfect build-up (and know-how) of the concept, importance, and selection criteria of the belly band holster, let’s take a look at the top 6 belly band holsters that are currently ruling the market and definitely deserve your attention.

This is box title
DeSantis Elastic Ambidextrous Belly Band Holster

DeSantis Elastic Ambidextrous Belly Band Holster

To kick off the list, we have the DeSantis Elastic Ambidextrous Belly Band Holster.

The name gives it away, doesn’t it? It can be used by both left and right-handed adults. It’s also a unisex option, making it great for couples.

The flexibility is impressive thanks to the 5″ wide elastic band. It’s available in three sizes:

  • Small (for waist size 24-28)
  • X-large (for waist size 44-40)
  • XX-large (for waist size 52-58)

It feels light on the body which also depends on the kind of stuff you’re carrying. It also has 3 pockets to store your essentials and fits most small-frame concealable handguns. The two color options are neutral – Black and Natural Finish. 

The color you choose should depend on the color of clothes you wear.

This model is one of the lightest on the list and weighs just 0.25 pounds. According to one user, “…I used it for my Kahr PM9 and two extra mags. It’s a very concealable and comfortable belly band holster…” 

An important thing to note is that you must wear an undershirt (preferably a cotton one) before putting this belly band holster on. The band might slide down if you wear a sweat-wicking undershirt. 

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Product Specifications
  • 0.6×0.1×0.1 inches in size (item package dimensions)
  • Package weighs just 0.25 pounds
  • Black/Natural Finish color
  • Left/right-hand orientation
  • 5″ wide elastic band
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • 3 pockets 
  • Ambidextrous and unisex design
  • Elastic band for a perfect fit
  • Undershirt is a must to hold it in place
  • Extra pockets are not as tight
  • Not ideal for medium-sized handguns or short barrel

This is box title

DeSantis Belly Band Holster

DeSantis Belly Band Holster

This DeSantis Belly Band Holster isn’t all that too different from the DeSantis Elastic Ambidextrous one. It, too, has a 5″ elastic band and features 3 pockets to store essentials. However, unlike its counterpart, it’s manufactured and targeted towards men and men’s sizes. 

The size segregation is different for this product. It comes in three size variants:

  • Small
  • Medium (for waist size 30-34)
  • Large (for waist size 36-42)

It’s quite evident that the previous belly band holster had a wider range when it comes to sizes. People with larger waists may find it difficult to find a fitting size in this belly band holster.

There is a variety of pistols that the DeSantis Belly Band Holster is perfect for. Some of them include the Beretta (84, 84F, 85, 85F) and Bersa Thunder 380, KELTEC P11, P40. Check the entire list out to find whether it has the model you’re carrying.

When it comes to its longevity, this user’s comment should settle the debate: “I’ve carried my Ruger LCP in for almost 2 years, it will work wonderfully for a jog…” 

The Natural Finish color has been found to be quite dubious by many users. According to a user, he got a belly band holster that was more of a “muted army green” color than pale-nude.

Wear an undershirt lest you want scratches and rashes on your skin. 

The velcro can poke your skin and cause serious discomfort if you put it on bare skin.

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Product Specifications

  • 5″ elastic band
  • Made of Ballistic Nylon
  • Black/Natural Finish color
  • Men-use only
  • Well-made and comfortable
  • 3 large pockets
  • Ideal for small frame concealed handguns
  • Compatible with a wide variety of weapons
  • Flexible for a perfect fit
  • Does not print at all
  • Slides without the velcro
  • More sizes should’ve been available
  • Not ideal for bare skin

This is box title

STRAPT Belly Band Holster

STRAPT Belly Band Holster

Made of a breathable, durable, and soft material such as Aeroprene, the STRAPT belly band holster is an ideal choice for right-handed people. However, it facilitates left-hand draw, as well.

It is 49″ in length and the only other size option available is the 49″ length w/ 14″ extender. The fit shouldn’t be a problem at all. You can wear it in any position be it the upper torso, six o’clock, or three o’clock. 

Moreover, it’s unisex so both men and women can enjoy the comfort of its material. A heavy-duty nylon webbing belt has to be a standout feature of the STRAPT belly band holster. 

This belt attaches any Kydex IWB gun holster, ensures that the trigger is safe, and provides impeccable gun retention.

Note: You do not get the Kydex holster along with this product.

Just like the DeSantis Belly Band Holster, it too is compatible with a variety of guns and pistols be it compact or subcompact. Besides multiple varieties of Glock, Smith and Wesson [2], and Ruger, you can also use it for carrying your BB or airsoft gun.

However, it’s a little on the heavier side. Its package weighs 0.595 pounds which is more than double of the DeSantis Elastic Ambidextrous Belly Band Holster. 

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Product Specifications

  • 13.07×6.42×1.69 inches in size (item package dimensions)
  • Package weighs 0.595 pounds
  • 49″ length
  • Right-hand orientation
  • Aeroprene material
  • Removable magazine pouch
  • Industrial grade look
  • Size adjustability up to 49″
  • Soft, durable, breathable material
  • Firearm protection and retention
  • Gun is easily accessible, no strap
  • Accommodates all gun models
  • Affordable option
  • Wear in multiple positions
  • Bulkier than its peers
  • Not ideal for deep appendix carry

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JINJULI True Tactic Conceal Safe Belly Band Holster

JINJULI True Tactic Conceal Safe Belly Band Holster

Probably the most affordable belly band holster on this list is the JINJULI True Tactic Conceal Safe Belly Band Holster. Besides being light on the pocket, it is very light on the body, as well, as it weighs just 0.25 pounds. It tops the chart of the most comfortable holsters.

It comes with a shoulder strap and hugs the torso, unlike the previous ones that can be literally fixated on the belly. The strap provides for equal distribution of the weight of the belt’s contents so keeping it on for longer periods shouldn’t be a concern.

The ventilated material is lightweight and you’ll have a comfortable experience wearing it. Moreover, both the tape and the belt circle are made of stretchy material.

It is a unisex belly band holster that has separate models for right and left-handed people, but both are of the same affordable price. This specific one, however, is only meant for right-handed people. 

If you use this, you’ll be able to draw the pistol without any hindrance. Moreover, the re-holstering part would be super comfortable, too, as you can do it with just one hand.

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Product Specifications

  • Weighs just 0.25 pounds
  • Right-hand orientation
  • Heavy-duty elastic material
  • 12.5cm in width
  • Tape length of 57cm (stretchable up to 100cm)
  • Belt circle of 101cm (stretchable up to 170cm)
  • Shoulder strap for a perfect fit
  • 1 spare magazine pocket and 1 pistol pouch
  • Fits most handguns and pistols
  • Simple design
  • Stretchable tape and belt circle
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Very affordable
  • Only for right-handed people, but can be bought in left-handed separately

This is box title

BlueStone Original Belly Band Gun Holster

Blue Stone Original Belly Band Gun Holster

As the name suggests, the BlueStone Original Belly Band Gun Holster is perfect for compact and subcompact guns and pistols. The price is reasonable and isn’t too far from what other products are going for.

Besides the obvious gun holster, you also get an extra magazine slot and a pouch where you can keep your essentials such as your ID, wallet, and money, or credit cards.

A standout feature has to be the range of sizes available. You get as many as 5 size variants. 

  • Small (for waist size 30-32″)
  • Medium (for waist size 32-38″)
  • Large (for waist size 36-42″)
  • XLarge (for waist size 39-45″)
  • 2XL (for waist size 44-50″)

There’s a best belly band holster for every waist size out there so unavailability is not going to be a hindrance. 

Speaking of its size, it’s definitely more compact than the STRAPT Belly Band Holster but not as much as the DeSantis Elastic Holster. The same goes for its weight. The belt is just a tad bit wider than the standard 5″ mark but it’s not too far off, either.

Overall, it’s a good package and there’s no significant turn-off feature that should deter you from buying this. It is, however, only for right-handed people.

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Product Specifications

  • 9×6×1.5 inches in size
  • Weighs just 0.5 pounds
  • Manufactured by BlueStone Safety
  • 5 ½ ” wide strap
  • Extremely compact and lightweight
  • Snug design
  • Available in 5 size ranges
  • Slot for an additional magazine
  • Pouch for carrying valuables
  • Quite affordable
  • Right-hand orientation only
  • Only meant for compacts/sub-compacts

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Gexgune Hunting Belly Band Holster

Gexgune Hunting Belly Band Holster

Last, but definitely not least, the Gexgune Hunting Belly Band Holster is an ideal choice for people who like to don their belly band holster in a wide variety of ways. The number of ways you can put this on is surprising!

You can wear it inside or outside the waistband IWB, outside the pants OWB, on the appendix[1], behind the hip (5 o’clock), 12 o’clock, or cross draw. It can function as a shoulder holster, too, so the name may seem misconstruing.

A standout feature of this belly band holster is its lifetime warranty. What makes the manufacturer so confident about the durability of the product? It could be because this product is made of Neoprene fabric.

Men and women both can use the Gexgune Hunting Belly Band Holster. The band is stretchable and can fit a maximum of 44″ belly. The size range falls short when compared to that offered by some of the previous holsters, such as BlueStone and DeSantis Elastic Ambidextrous ones.

You also get a fixed magazine pocket, but the accessories pouch is movable, which is a pretty cool feature to have. 

Unlike the BlueStone one that’s meant for only compacts/sub-compacts, this belly band holster can encompass all kinds of guns and pistols be it Glock (all models), Kahr, Kel Tec, or Ruger.

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Product Specifications

  • Manufactured by Gexgune
  • Neoprene material
  • Black in color
  • Unisex 
  • 100% satisfaction service
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Micro-air holes for enhanced breathability and sweat reduction
  • Wear in multiple positions
  • Fits all kinds of handguns
  • Soft and tender on the skin
  • Unisex design
  • 1 magazine pocket and 1 extra movable pouch for valuables
  • Right-hand orientation only
  • Can fit only up to a 44″ belly

Things to Remember When Using a Belly Band Holster

You’ll find many articles on the internet that point out the supposed “disadvantages” of a belly band holster. However, they should be considered as conditions to using a belly band holster and not necessarily downsides. Here’s what I’m talking about:

With a strap on your hip or shoulder, a quick draw within a matter of seconds might just be a dream too far. 

Unlike in a James Bond movie, getting your hands to the gun from inside a tucked shirt, undershirt, etc., and then pulling it to point at the offender could be a long drawn process – something that has to do more with your practice than the make-up of the belly band holster.

Secondly, you might be able to draw your gun with just one hand but to re-holster it, you’re going to need both your hands. This is not a disadvantage by any length of the imagination! 

The reason is pretty obvious; the straps of most belly band holsters are stretchable as they’re made from an elastic material. 

You can simply pull the gun out but you’ll need to stretch the elastic before you can put the gun back again. The elastic is a non-negotiable element since it provides for a perfect fit. 

So you can consider the inability to re-holster with one hand a necessary evil (if at all you see it as a disadvantage!).

Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best Belly Band Holster

While it may seem like just a strap around the hip, the best belly band holster has a lot of intricacies that need to be considered before you arrive at a purchase decision. Even a slight “off” size could render the belly band holster unusable. 

Hand orientation and weapon compatibility mismatches, too, will dent the viability of your chosen belly band holster. 

Here are the factors you should consider when looking for the best type of holster for your needs:


The material shouldn’t be too thin such that the trigger of your firearm becomes accessible from over the holster. This will put you at a considerable amount of risk in an emergency. 

On the other hand, the material shouldn’t be too thick, either. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to keep it to your body for long. Two materials, namely the Aeroprene and the Neoprene material are much sought after.

Comfortable Fit

There are primarily two types of belly band holsters under the comfort criteria. One that has variants depending on size such as small, medium, large, and so on.

The second one is the one-size-fits-all type that’ll usually come with a stretchable velcro strap and claim to fit every chest and belly size under the sky, but this is not always the case. Always look for a belly band holster that specifically states your belly size. 

Hand Orientation

You can choose an ambidextrous belly band holster or you can also choose the one that’s meant for single-hand usage only (right or left). 

If you are a person who can comfortably and accurately use the firearm with both hands, you should choose a belly band holster with an ambidextrous design. 

The ambidextrous one will also be a good choice if you plan on sharing the product with your spouse or siblings or anyone else and you both have different hand orientations. 

On the other hand, if you know for sure that it’s you and only you who’s going to use the belly band holster, pick one that’s meant for your particular hand orientation.

Extra Storage

The manufacturers today thrive on giving something extra to their users in an attempt to add a USP (Unique Selling Point) to their products. One such add-on is extra space for carrying spare magazines and valuables.

Most modern belly band holsters come with a standard 3 pockets – one each for the holster, magazine, and valuables. Their size differs from model to model and that’s where a question of choice arises. 

This doesn’t even relate to the primary function of a belly band holster but it’s undeniably a good feature to have. 

Weapon Compatibility

Probably the first thing you’ll look for in a belly band holster is whether or not it’s compatible with your firearm. 

Since the idea of belly band holsters is to achieve a certain level of concealment, it’s mostly small handguns that they’re needed to encompass. Most sellers will list down almost every model that goes with their product to avoid any sort of confusion and ambiguity. 

All you have to do is skim through the list to check for the presence (or absence) of your firearm.


A belly band holster is a considerable investment and the last thing you’d want is to be reading one such product review again in a matter of weeks or months. 

Many manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty for their belly band holsters which should instill confidence in a prospective buyer regarding the durability of the product.

Final Thoughts

6 belly band holsters to choose from and all fantastic options! When choosing the best belly band holster for you, zero in on the criteria that are of utmost importance to you and then scan the products for viability.

For instance, if the belly band holster needs to satisfy both you and your spouse’s needs, your ideal choice would be a unisex design, like the DeSantis Elastic Ambidextrous, BlueStone, or the Gexgune Hunting Belly Band Holster

These are excellent options if one of you is traveling alone and needs personal protection.

If your spouse or the person you intend to share the belly band holster with does not share the same hand usage as yours, then you’ll need an ambidextrous model like the DeSantis Elastic Ambidextrous Belly Band Holster

This option can conceal firearms in the left-hand or right-hand orientation. 

Next, if budget is your concern, a great affordable option is the JINJULI True Tactic Conceal Safe Belly Band Holster. The STRAPT and BlueStone models are pretty good options in this regard, as well. 

Other criteria such as weight, compactness, space, and smart design can also be important determinants of your buying decision. It’s all about what matters to you.

We hope the above product review and buying guide has helped you choose the best belly band holster that will make your life easier and safer down the road! Join the elite league of professional shooters, athletes, and private citizens with premium belly band holsters.



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