Are You Prepared? 11 Essential Items You Probably Don’t Have Prepped

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Today’s guest post comes from Billy at Prepperzine

It happened. That worst case scenario you’ve been preparing for all these months and years.

Luckily you have your emergency supplies, survival food, and clothes.

But do you really have everything for the end of the world? You sure?

Think now! This isn’t like forgetting your car keys in your other coat. We’re talking life and death!

Read on and make sure you check these pivotal, but easy to forget, items off your list.

1. Hardcopy Maps

survival-preps-you-need-mapWhen society goes down the drain, expect your internet and phones to follow suit. Google Maps won’t be just a click away anymore.

So remember to get hardcopy maps of your immediate area, the surrounding towns, and county. These maps are the sort of thing you want to have in your Bug Out Bag, even if you’re looking to keep your BOB as light as possible.

Also, while you’re at it, take the time to research and locate fresh water, shelter, and perhaps gathering points for your prep group.

2. Basic Hygiene Supplies

survival-preps-you-need-toothbrush As they say, you never miss the water ‘til the well runs dry, and you can certainly apply this here! We all use these products everyday without thinking, and that makes them very easy to forget!

  • Toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss etc…
  • Vitamins, Neosporin, antibiotics, fever reducer, and benadryl
  • Feminine products
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Bandages
  • Face masks and latex gloves

We’re talking about everything you need on a day to day basis to keep you sanitary and healthy.

When the time comes, these will be life savers since infections can take a major toll on you.

[Plus, as we mentioned in the Ultimate Bug Out Bag Checklist article, a lot of these items have multiple survival uses.]

3. Long Term Lighting

I bet most of you have a good supply of flashlights and batteries. But what about long term?

If you manage to keep your power up, or convert to solar power, make sure you have some lightbulbs in stock! If you haven’t made your own DIY Solar Power Generator, then you should. It’s handy to have for camping trips also, not just emergency situations.

4. Extra Batteries and Solar Changing

Speaking of batteries, you should take an inventory all the batteries that you may need. Flashlights and common battery sizes are something you already thought about. So, take a look in your tool box, hunting gear, and other essential areas with gadgets. I realized that my rifle sight (a Bushnell Red Dot Site) needed to have a battery and that’s something that I overlooked.

You should also make sure that you have a way to charge them. There are commercially available solar chargers, like the Anker 15W Solar Charger that you can buy at a reasonable price or you can make your own. Just be sure you have a way to charge your batteries and gear.

5. Finances

survival-preps-you-need-money Most folks focus on the survival essentials of food, water, and shelter. How about your finances? You should keep cash for short term purchases and bartering.

Work to pay off ALL your debt as fast as possible. If the economy was to collapse, you need the freedom to up and leave without owing a dime to anybody.

On this note, history has taught us that paper currency can be shaky with hyperinflation and devaluation. Therefore, take the time to research precious metals and have a stash that is readily available for trade (gold and silver are the most common).

6. Underwear

Wear it every day, but it’s so easy to forget on our prep lists! Think about what you are comfortable sleeping in as well as what works for strenuous and fast paced movement.

Now look at the supply you’ve just added to your prep cache, and double it! You don’t want to be caught out with these wearing out and then have no underwear. Sounds pretty uncomfortable doesn’t it?

7. Canning Supplies

You no doubt have an abundance of canned food stored and ready to go. Along with other long shelf-life foods.

Ever think about the ability to can your own food and make it last for months or years?

This is practically a superpower when the time comes! Invest in canning jars and a pressure canner to constantly replenish your supply of long term nutrition.

8. Bicycle

survival-preps-you-need-bicycleYou may have taken the car maintenance class, stocked up on car parts and supplies, and have a plan to get fuel.

But trust us, get a bike just in case!

We’re all about preparing for the unexpected, so expect your car to break down at some point. Having a bike on hand with an attached basket or totes for hauling gear will come in handy for fetching supplies!

9. Water Storage

In addition to stocking up on jugs of purified water for emergencies, think far ahead and come up with a plan for getting water in the long term. Rain barrels are very easy to set up and will function in most climates.

Scout out a few wells or springs in your immediate area and have a water purifier on hand.

10. Water Transport

You may have the best water source you can think of, but it’s no good if you can’t transport water from there to your house!

A simple wagon or wheelbarrow will be invaluable for transporting large containers of water to your home, or if you need to relocate. Save your back and invest in one that can take a lot of abuse!

11. Entertainment and Inspiration

Now take a step back and forget the items you need to survive. Think about what makes you, as an individual, happy. Is it playing a sport?

Then stash a football and air-pump away so you’ll still have that enjoyment. Or perhaps you have an all-time favorite book that you’ll always love no matter how many times you read it.

Buy a copy and stash it with everything else! [Or keep it on your eReader with all your other survival books] When the stress and strain build up, a good book will be just as important as a hot meal.

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