My Favorite Prepper Hack

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Prepper Tip of the Week

I read about this ‘hack’ recently and I’m surprised it doesn’t get talked about more. If I find the article, I will link to it later. This tool can easily improve your chances of survival tenfold.

Most Important Survival Prepper Tool

Let me ask you a question. What is the most important thing when it comes to surviving, in any situation? I’ll give you a hint, check the title of this blog. Nope, not preparation, but you’re close. Knowledge is the greatest weapon or tool you can possess. As G.I. Joe taught us, knowing is half the survival book

You could give the same equipment to two people and put them in the same situation but if one of them has survival training and the other is a typical suburban businessman, you’re going to have very different outcomes.

Knowing how to build a shelter, which plants to eat, which leaves not to use as toilet paper (ouch), how to properly set a snare, etc. is imperative to making it after SHTF. There are so many skills to learn, from tying knots to planting crops to long term food storage. So how are you going to learn all of these skills? Well there are survival schools, plenty of books, or you could wander into the woods until you find a friendly hermit that will teach you.

Personally, I know that I’ll never be able to learn everything I need to know without many years of training. I was pretty good at school but when we’re talking about deciding if this mushroom is poisonous or edible, I really don’t want to trust my memory. Thankfully, I don’t have to. No, I don’t have a Jiminy Cricket-style Bear Grylls on my shoulder guiding me along. I have a Kindle. This Kindle to be exact. Let me tell you why this is such a great survival tool.

  1. First, since it’s e-ink, the battery lasts for WEEKS. And if you get the one without “special offers”, it lasts Kindle ereader for prepperseven longer. Seriously. I’ve charged it 3 times since I got it 6 months ago and it wasn’t even fully uncharged (decharged? I don’t know, it’s like 6 in the morning here).
  2. Second, it’s small and light. I usually put it in my pocket when I go to the beach. So it should easily fit into your bug out bag without having to take anything else out.
  3. Third, it doesn’t need cell or wifi signal to work, all of the books are stored on the device.
  4. And fourth, and this is the best part, there are dozens of free survival books available (here’s a short list. There are plenty more). Everything from homesteading guides to stockpiling guides to field medic almanacs. Plus you could put some other books on there to pass the time (this one is pretty good).

I know what some of you are thinking but if you’re worried about losing all the info in the event of an EMP blast, you can keep it in a faraday cage. Honestly, if you have any electronics in your go bag, you should probably keep the whole thing in one. Here’s a good guide on building your own with regular household items. In case of emergency, lift the lid, grab the bag, and go.

So there you have it. A Kindle + 20 minutes downloading a bunch of free survival ebooks + a solar USB charger = A better chance for survival.

What’s your favorite prepper hack?

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