2023‘s Best Cute Concealed Carry Purses: Protect Yourself in Style

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Best & Cutest Concealed Carry Purses: Winners

Are you looking to match style and safety?

If so, a cute concealed carry purse could be for you.

In this guide we’ll give you a run down of the 7 best cute concealed carry purses available today.

Let’s get started!

2023‘s 7 Best Cute Concealed Carry Purses

Browning Alexandria overall best concealed carry cute handbag purse

Overall Best – Browning Alexandria Handbag

The Alexandria concealed carry purse by Browning comes fitted with a security lock, internal pockets, and an adjustable holster.

Since 1878, Browning has been creating high-quality firearms-related products, and that quality is on full display with this concealed carry purse.

The purse is constructed with high-quality, durable PU leather1 that looks and feels great.

The purse is available in a selection of different colors, including black, charcoal, and brown.

On the side of the bag, you’ll find a lockable zipper to provide easy access to your pistol. The key can be stored on the included hidden key fob.

Inside the bag, you’ll find internal organization pockets. These pockets give you plenty of room to store your cell phone, wallet, make-up, and more.

We really like the internal pockets as you can organize your bag well and keep your items tidy. The zippers on the outside of the bag give you quick access to pockets with left and right entry.

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Heshe vintage style leather shoulder bag upgrade pick

Upgrade Pick- Heshe Vintage Leather Shoulder Bag

If you prefer purses with a vintage style, then you’ll love the Heshe vintage leather handbag.

The bag is made from top layer cowhide leather and high-quality silver hardware.

The bag is complete with a matching interior lining, which brings the bag together.

The interior pocket contains a cell phone pocket and an ID card slot. The front zippered pocket can hold your cell phone, keys, money, bank cards, and so on.

The bag is pretty light, weighing just over two pounds, which makes it easy to carry around even when you’re hiding a 9mm inside.

The bag comes in black, violet, navy, sorrel, and wine, so there’s a good variety of colors to choose from.

We also noticed that the drop for the shoulder when using the shoulder strap is excellent.

One slight downside is that the interior pockets aren’t too deep, they are about 4″, so it’s difficult to fit most smartphones in there.

Overall, this is a great bag. It’s made of genuine leather and should last you for years to come, providing you take care of it.

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Vine Branch concealed carry handbag crossbody purse shoulder strap budget option

Budget Choice – Vine Branch Concealed Carry Handbag

The Vine Branch leather pistol concealment purse by Roma Leathers is a slightly different design to the other bags/purses we’ve looked at so far.

This concealment purse allows for right hand or left-hand draw so you can use it from your preferred hand.

Included with the bag is a Velcro position holster to hold your pistol in just the right position for you.

The purse is on the smaller side but has a variety of compartments for your other valuables and belongings.

Constructed from premium cowhide leather, the purse is tough, durable, and really well made despite being the least expensive CCW purse on this list.

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Roma Leathers locking concealment purse very durable long lasting

Most Durable Cute CCW Purse – Roma Leathers Leather Locking Concealment Purse

The Roma Leathers locking concealment purse is a stealthy, durable bag that’s great at keeping your firearm concealed for many years.

Behind the lockable side zipper you’ll find an included Velcro positioning holster. Plus, there’s plenty of padding to keep the firearm secure.

The bag fits well onto your shoulder and is nice and comfortable, meaning the strap won’t dig in and cause your shoulder to ache.

On the side of the bag there’s plenty of zip compartments designed to store your belongings

The bag is very durable due to its genuine leather material and YKK zippers. You can tell a lot of time and effort has gone into the bag’s design.

It’s tough and durable but not bulky

Having a stylish yet lightweight bag is perfect not only from a fashion standpoint but also so you can carry your firearm without feeling weighed down.

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Purse King Magnum Cutest Crossbody Purse Adjustable Comfortable

Cutest Crossbody CCW Purse – Purse King Magnum Crossbody Purse

The Purse King Magnum CCW crossbody purse comes in a variety of different colors.

The bag is constructed with a vegan faux leather and has a high-strength nylon lining to keep it tight and secure.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Purse King is it’s organized look and feel.

The bag has two zipped compartments on its front, with two further compartments inside the bag and room for your firearm on the side.

The purse is not just designed for your firearm; in the front compartment, you’ll find a front organized zippered pocket with eight credit card slots and a pouch to fit your smartphone or sunglasses.

All of the different slots allow you to organize your possessions and belongings nicely.

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Bulldog Cases cute tote style purse for concealed carry

Best Cute CCW Tote – Bulldog Cases Carry Tote-style Purse

If you’re looking for a vintage, chic looking concealment carry purse, the Bulldog Cases’ Carry Tote ticks all the boxes.

The bag is made from PU leather and contains a color-matched holster that will fit most small autos and revolvers.

The Bulldog purse is very stylish and fashionable; at first glance, you would never guess that its main purpose is to carry and keep a firearm safe.

The holster has Velcro so you can place it inside your concealed pocket at the perfect angle for a smooth draw.

This gives you easy access to your firearm when you need it, which is vital when you’re in a situation that calls for a firearm.

You can fit everything you need into the bag, it’s comfortable and looks great as well.

The only downside to the bag is that the handles can feel a little stiff and it does sometimes slide off the shoulder.

Other than this minor point, we really liked the Bulldog bag, and it looks great.

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Emporia outfitters Dina satchel large capacity cute concealed carry purse

Biggest Capacity Cute CCW Purse – Emporia Outfitters Dina Satchel

Coming in eight different colors, the Emperia Outfitters Dina is a smart-looking bag.

The bag has a detachable shoulder strap so you can choose whether to use it as a satchel or as a shoulder bag.

This bag is one of the most spacious we’ve seen. Although it doesn’t have a ton of different compartments, the main compartment of the bag is quite large and can hold almost anything.

You’ll be able to fit most handguns in your bag, including pistols too large to fit in other CCW purses.

A Velco holster comes included so you can position your handgun wherever you like in the 7″ x 11″ gun pocket, which has two locking zippers for left- or right-handed access.

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How to Choose the Best Concealed Carry Purse?

How you choose the best purse for concealed carry will be determined by how you’ll be using one.

Some of the above purses are more stylish than others while some are more durable and built for convenience.

Carrying a firearm around should be done safely and securely; this is why it’s important to choose your concealed carry purse wisely.

When looking at the different options available, you’ll first have to decide on the style of the purse you want. If you prefer crossbody bags then you’re more likely to leave a Bulldog Tote at home, which defeats the purpose of a concealed carry purse.

You’ll also want to make sure there’s plenty of room for a holster to be comfortably secured.

To do this, always make sure you know the size of your firearm before buying a purse with a gun pocket to make sure it’ll fit. All good purses of this type include the carry compartment’s dimensions.

The best purses will firmly hold your gun in place while keeping it fully concealed. They should be designed for close to the body wear, and allow for easy access.

We really liked the purses that allow for left and right access.

This makes it easy to have access to your firearm when you need it.

Take these factors into consideration when looking for a concealed carry purse.

You may also want to check the number of pouches and compartments that a purse has to make sure there’s enough space in the purse for all your belongings.

Conceal Carry Carry Tips for Women

Firearms are very effective self defense weapons that remove physical strength from the self defense equation.

However, it’s a bad idea to carry them on full display wherever you go.

Concealed carry purses are a great option for women looking to keep their firearm concealed.

Like with anything there are inherent risks involved when you’re carrying a firearm so let’s take a look at some conceal carry tips for women.

On Body or Off Body Carry

If you know which firearm you’ll be using, you’ll need to decide how to carry it. There’s normally two choices for this: on body or off body.

If you’re just going to be carrying a holster and having it ‘on-body’ you’ll need to dress around your handgun.

This means that your clothes will keep your handgun concealed unless you’re going for open carry.

If your firearm is going to be on your body you’ll want to make sure it’s nice and easy to access.

If you’re going to be carrying your firearm in a CCP then it will largely be ‘off body’.

If this is the case then make sure the firearm is safely secured and won’t discharge if you knock the purse around.

And with off body carry you have to be extra vigilant about not leaving your purse behind!

Dry Fire and Live Fire Practice

Of course, you’ll want to have plenty of practice with your firearm if you’re going to be carrying it regularly.

Becoming proficient with a firearm involves training.

You can do this by training at home with your pistol chamber empty and the magazine removed. Make sure there’s no live ammo in the room but still always aim in a safe direction.

Dry fire practice helps to maintain your muscle memory, reinforces good habits, and gives confidence in your weapon2.

Live fire practice at the range is perfect when you’re comfortable with using your weapon at home.

Range time allows you to apply what you have done at home and get used to your firearm’s action and sound.

You can also seek advice from professionals at a range or the gun shop in case you need further help.

Be Situationally Aware

This is, unfortunately, advice that’s not necessary for most women. However, it’s still a good reminder.

In each situation, you should always keep your awareness high3.

While you don’t need to be in a constant state of paranoia, make sure you keep an eye on the people and objects around you.

Each time you enter a new environment, be aware of who’s around you, how they’re behaving, and what they’re doing.

Also, keep an eye on the entrances and exits around you.

This allows you to have an awareness of how to remove yourself from a situation should something happen.

Alongside having a firearm, it’s a good idea to have some basic self defense skills should anything happen.

A Cute Concealed Carry Purse Can Be a Fantastic Investment

A cute concealed carry purse is a fantastic way to keep your firearm safe while giving you a fashionable bag/purse to boot.

Our choice for the best cute concealed carry purse is the Browning Alexandria concealed carry purse.

The purse is lightweight, easy to carry, and, most importantly, will keep your firearm safe and will give you easy access when you need it.

Remember to make sure that your firearm is easy to access and safe and secure in the purse before you make a decision.


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