USCCA vs US Law Shield vs CCW Safe: Comparison of the Best Concealed Carry Insurance

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You carry a gun to protect yourself and your family.

Are you protected from what happens after you use that gun in self defense?

Concealed carry insurance can help save you from the fallout of using a firearm (or another weapon) if you need to defend yourself.

Naturally, you don’t want good CCW insurance. You want the best concealed carry insurance.

USCCA, US Law Shield, and CCW Safe are all great sources of CCW insurance. However, none of those three are the single best choice for everyone.

So, let’s examine them all in more detail to learn which one is the best choice for you!

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USCCA Self Defense Shield Overall Best Choice

The United States Concealed Carry Association has a CCW insurance component called Self-Defense Shield.

It’s a very well known source of concealed carry insurance, partially because of, ah, forceful marketing the company put out in years past.

Thankfully, USCCA has chilled out on the doomsaying and focuses on education and safety now.

This is the main draw for USCCA Self-Defense Shield, in fact. You don’t just get insurance, you get concealed carry instruction.

A lot of it.

However, this is also USCCA’s weak point.

USCCA Self-Defense Shield is not just CCW insurance. It’s an entire concealed carry program you pay for.

This means that USCCA will cost you $22, $30, or $47 a month, which is $264, $360, or $564 a year.

You can check out my review of USCCA Self-Defense Shield here!


  • Access to loads of training materials and even a conference
  • Covers all legal self-defense weapons, not just firearms
  • High coverage, especially the daily compensation while in court
  • Three membership levels


  • Civil damage reimbursement limit is shared with the civil defense attorney fees
  • You cannot get just CCW insurance
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US LawShield Least Expensive CCW Insurance

US Law Shield is an extension of Texas Law Shield. The two are sometimes grouped together as US & Texas Law Shield.

Law Shield, whether it’s the US or Texas version, is the “budget” concealed carry option.

There’s a $19.95 setup fee and it costs $10.95 monthly after that.

You’d think this would minimize the fees that are covered, but LawShield has no limits for either criminal or civil defense attorney fees.

On the other hand, if you want more than the most basic level of coverage, you’ll need to pay an additional fee every month.

This includes options such as expert witnesses or bail bond coverage.


  • Customizable coverage
  • Lowest price insurance
  • Unlimited attorney fees


  • Available in fewer states than the other options
  • Can get pricey when you add in additional coverages
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CCW Safe Best Concealed Carry Insurance Coverage

For the best concealed carry insurance without extra fluff, consider CCW Safe.

This CCW insurance company is not a cheap choice and will cost you $499 every year.

However, you get some of the best coverages in the business. Not only are the attorney fees unlimited but you also get high bail bond and civil damage reimbursements.

Your family is also covered by CCW Safe, so long as the self-defense incident occurs in your home. Though, you can add them to the plan for protection outside the home for an additional fee.

There are also other plans, such as the Constitutional Carry Plan, Home Defense Plan, or Protector Plan, that have limits to where you’re covered or who can buy the plan.

But the statistics of coverages is not why you may want to choose CCW Safe. It’s how CCW Safe responds to you when you need help.

CCW Safe has a reputation for responding immediately to help you.

In fact, CCW Safe is the only CCW insurance company I know to have helped one of their members get acquitted from a murder charge[1]!


  • Covers your family in the home without requiring an additional fee
  • High or unlimited reimbursement limits
  • Limited plans are available, too


  • Does not cover domestic self-defense situations[2]
  • Requires a valid concealed carry license

Concealed Carry Insurance Feature Comparison

CCW Safe, US Law Shield, and USCCA Self-Defense Shield are all sources of concealed carry insurance.

This means they all share some similarities. There are differences between the programs, too.

No matter which one you choose, you get:

  • Criminal defense attorney fees covered
  • Civil defense attorney fees covered
  • Compensation regardless of the weapon used (if it’s legal)
  • Access to a 24/7 emergency hotline
  • Upfront payment instead of reimbursement

Another similarity is that, due to state laws, none of these places will cover you if you’re in New Jersey, New York, or Washington state.

There are some benefits you’ll get from two but not all three choices:

  • Attorney Access – USCCA and Law Shield have attorneys for their members to talk to while CCW Safe does not
  • Attorney Fees – CCW Safe and Law Shield have no coverage limits but USCCA has limits based on your membership level
  • Bail Bond Coverage – USCCA and CCW Safe pay $100,000 or more but Law Shield requires an additional fee to pay up to $25,000 and only in several states
  • Coverage in Other States – Covered by USCCA and CCW Safe but not by US & Texas Law Shield without an additional fee
  • Civil Damages – USCCA shares this limit with the civil attorney fees, CCW Safe has a $1,000,000 limit, and Law Shield doesn’t cover civil damages
  • Expert Witnesses – Covered by USCCA and CCW Safe but not by US & Texas Law Shield without an additional fee
  • Limited Availability – US Law Shield is also not available in Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, or Rhode Island
  • Personal Hardship – USCCA and CCW Safe will pay to replace your firearm, clean up the scene, and provide therapy while Law Shield will not
Best concealed carry insurance options coverages and how to choose

Stand Out Features

All three of the best concealed carry insurance companies have one area in which they stand out above the rest.

USCCA is more than just CCW insurance.

It’s a full concealed carry club, complete with a magazine subscription and tickets to the Concealed Carry Expo!

The lower tiers get access to a library of training materials.

Higher tiers gain additional access to more information and older magazines.

US & Texas Law Shield is the least expensive option.

If you don’t have much money to spend on CCW insurance then $131.40 per year is the cheapest you can pay.

And that still provides you with unlimited attorney fee coverage!

CCW Safe provides some of the best coverage available.

Another advantage to CCW Safe is there are special plans which can either save you money or are only accessible to certain people.

Law enforcement and military professionals, for example, can get the Protector Plan.

Also, if you don’t carry a concealed weapon but still want to be covered in your home, CCW Safe has an inexpensive plan to cover that situation as well.


It’s hard for there to be just one overall winner when it comes to concealed carry insurance.

However, if I had to choose, I would choose USCCA Self-Defense Shield as the overall best concealed carry insurance.

This is for several reasons:

The first is that though USCCA has attorney fee limits, it provides the best personal hardship compensation, including $750 per day while you’re in court.

The training information is good to have.

And finally, USCCA Self-Defense Shield is the only one of the three to unambiguously cover domestic self-defense incidents.

Almost 20% of murders are committed by family members or relationship partners[3]. These domestic incidents are not covered by most other concealed carry insurance programs!

Click here to visit USCCA Self-Defense Shield!

That said, CCW Safe and US Law Shield are still good choices.

CCW Safe is the best choice for when you want maximum protection or qualify for one of the less-expensive plans.

Click here for more info about CCW Safe!

And US Law Shield is a great choice if you want inexpensive concealed carry insurance you can customize.

Click here to learn more about US Law Shield!!



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