What Size Peep Sight For Bow Hunting: Accuracy Matters

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Peep sights are an important component when hunting with a compound bow.

They line up your eyes with your bow sight, allowing you to make dead-on shots every time.

As far as peep sights are concerned, size can make a difference.

While the choice of a peep’s size is often based on a hunter’s preference, peep sizes can affect your hunting experience.

For instance, small or tiny peep sights are preferred for accuracy whereas a large peep size lets in a lot of light.

With either choice, there are some trade-offs that you have to consider.

That’s good and all but, if you are just starting out as a hunter, then you might not even know about different peep sight sizes.

Worry not, we’ll answer all your peep sight size-related questions.

what size peep sight for bow hunting

What is a Peep Sight (& What are the Sizes?)

A peep sight is technically a small disc with a hole in the center, called an aperture, that can be inserted into the bowstring.

You look through it when you’re at a full draw.

Just like with a rife, adding peep sight to a bow is a way to improve your aim when bow hunting.

Its purpose is to align the front sight of the bow with your target and your eyes.

If your peep is not aligned properly, the front sight on the bow can be inaccurate.

For instance, a hunter can place the bow’s sight pin on the target but due to a too-low peep sight, the arrow will fly high.

The sizes of a peep sight are many and are measured by the internal diameter of the aperture.

This range is somewhere from 1/32″ to 1/4″, with 1/8″, 3/16″, and 1/4″ being the most common.

Most peep sights have a fixed diameter but there are some sights that come with variable apertures.

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Does Peep Sight Size Matter?

The one-word answer to this question would be a definite yes!

A correctly-sized peep sight is crucial if you want to increase the chances of your shot hitting where you aim.

If your peep sight is too large then you’ll have a hard time aligning the front pin properly and your groups will open up.

However, if your peep sight is too small, you may find that not enough light is allowed through so you cannot see your target well enough for a confident shot!

Picking the right size peep sight aperture for your compound bow will improve your chances of taking a deer while bow hunting.

What Is the Best Size Peep Sight for Bow Hunting?

Our recommendation is that you get the smallest possible peep size that still allows you to see properly.

What we mean by this is, find the right balance!

Get a small peep size but make sure it lets you see the target correctly.

So, in a way, you won’t be sacrificing aim for vision and vice versa.

But what is the balance?

Well, some archers think that a 1/4″ inch” peep size is the best while others are in favor of a 1/8″ peep1.

While it can be a matter of personal choice, your hunting conditions will heavily affect the proper aperture diameter for your peep sight.

Consider how much light you’ll experience when hunting. Forest hunters will need a larger peep than a hunter who sticks to the open fields, for example.

One thing you can do is get a peep sight with threading that will allow you to adjust the peep size so you can find that sweet spot.

In addition, it is best to try out the peep sight before buying it.

Draw your compound bow to full and see if you can get a good field of view as well as a precise aim with your peep sight.

How to choose the best peep sight size for hunting

Tips for Getting the Right Hunting Bow Sight

There are many things that you’d want to consider before buying a peep sight.

Some of these are given below.


For shooting in low light or at evening, peep sights with glowing or illuminated apertures can be used to allow you to locate the peep sight’s hole with ease

A non-reflective coating, on the other hand, protects the peep’s housing from reflecting sunlight into your eyes, reducing glare.

However, these can be more of a gimmick.

Peep sights will align perfectly so long as you draw to the same anchor point each time. And you can add a non-reflective coating to your peep’ sight’s ‘s housing yourself2.

Tube or Tubeless

Some peeps sights are available with a rubber tube.

When the bow is drawn, the tubing pulls on the sight and spins straight.

These were popular once but these days some people don’t like them.

Modern free floating peep sights, also called tubeless peeps, are designed well enough they don’t need the extra point of failure3.

what to look for peep sight aperture sizes housing adjustable Specialty Archery

Aperture Adjustment

If you can afford it, go for an adjustable peep sight such as the one by Specialty Archery, which comes as a separate housing and an aperture kit.

The most important advantage of an adjustable peep is that you can use one sight for multiple purposes.

Some sights are good for target shooting while others are great for hunting in the shadows.

Having the best of both worlds can be good for you. And it’s even better if you can swap out that aperture in the field as conditions change!

Build Quality and Price

A peep sight needs to have a good build quality.

A warranty is preferable.

In addition, the price should justify the features.

Find that sweet spot and make your purchase.

Final Words

In conclusion, peep sights are pretty good to have.

They help you aim properly and increase your chances of taking a clean shot.

Whether you’re a hunter or a target archer, a peep sight can be a good investment for you.

However, it’s not always a good idea to use a target peep sight when taking aim at a shadowed deer, so bow hunters tend to size up to 3/16″ or 1/4″.

Better still is if you get a peep sight housing that can accept multiple apertures!


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