2024‘s 9 Best Quivers For Hunting

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Best Quivers for Hunting: Winners

When you’re out hunting, you don’t want to carry your arrows in your hands now, do you?

To make life easier in such endeavours, our human ancestors came up with quivers. And we’re still using them!

While quivers were pretty basic in the past, nowadays that is not the case.

There are different types of quivers, each having different features from different brands and different prices.

To make things easier for you, here are nine of the best quivers for hunting, target shooting, or anything else you want to do with your bow.

Or skip ahead to learn the difference between all these quivers!

The Best Bow Quivers for Hunting

Trophy Ridge 5 Spot Arrow Quiver perfect compound bow arrow holder

Overall Best Bow Quiver for Hunting – Trophy Ridge 5 Spot Quiver

The Trophy Ridge 5 Spot Quiver is one of the best quivers available.

The thing that makes it a great quiver is the lightweight form factor, secure design, and lightweight construction, all together in a relatively inexpensive package.

The hood’s Soft-Touch design keeps arrows quiet without dulling broadheads.

And this Trophy Ridge quiver comes with a hanging loop so you can position it on a handy tree branch once you’ve settled into your hunting spot.

Trophy Ridge makes quality bowhunting accessories and this quiver upholds that quality.

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  • Two adjustable arrow grippers for stability
  • Soft-Touch hood design to keep the quiver quiet
  • Loop for hanging the quiver on a tree
  • Lightweight construction
  • Quick detach mounting bracket
  • Great value for the money
  • Lightweight yet holds a good number of broadhead-equipped arrows securely and silently
  • The grippers may be too tight for some arrows
Truglo tuff loc 4 arrow quiver great budget compound bow

Best Budget Bow Quiver – TRUGLO Tuff-Loc 4-Arrow Quiver

The TRUGLO Tuff-Loc 4-Arrow Quiver is for anyone who wants to have a very lightweight quiver without spending a lot of money.

It features a sturdy composite build and a noise cancelling rubber lining inside the hood.

The Tuff-Loc works well with compound bows, crossbows, and anything else to which you want to attach a bow quiver.

However, it is a bare-bones quiver that can hold only four arrows and has a single set of grippers.

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  • Weighs less than seven ounces
  • Quick detach mounting system
  • Rubber-lined hood to keep broadheads sharp and silent
  • 4 arrow capacity
  • Inexpensive but not in a way that cuts corners (no foam!)
  • Keeps arrows more stable than many more expensive quivers
  • Not all types of broadheads fit properly
  • Carries only four arrows
Apex Gear Reactor LTF 5 Arrow best bow hunting quiver for the money

Upgrade Pick – Apex Gear Reactor LTE 5 Arrow Quiver

The features of the Apex Gear Reactor LTE 5 Arrow Quiver really outweigh the cons.

It carries five arrows in its dual rubber grippers, which are oversized to make it easy for you to snap in or pull out arrows.

The hood has a soft external texture and a rubber lining that’s compatible with all arrow point types.

Speaking of compatibility, the Reactor LTE can hold even micro diameter arrow shafts, which is excellent for those hunters who want a specific spine.

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  • Felt-lined release lever
  • TRU-TOUCH coating for a soft texture
  • Large rubber grippers with thumb tabs
  • Holds up to 5 arrows of any type
  • Easy and quiet arrow removal without sacrificing stability and stealth the rest of the time
  • High build quality
  • Despite being on the expensive side, this quiver does not have a hanging loop

The Best Back Quivers for Hunting

XTACER multi function nylon back quiver awesome for hunting

Best Hunting Back Quiver – XTACER Multi-Function Quiver

XTACER’s Multi-Function Quiver is a comprehensive bowhunting storage solution you wear on your back.

It has a large arrow pocket with four tubes, each of which is 1.15″ wide. The tubes can be removed to carry more arrows.

The quiver also has multiple zippered pockets and two straps. These let you carry a surprisingly large amount of hunting gear or even a takedown bow!

The shoulder strap attaches to a padded 3-piece chest harness so the quiver is more secure than traditional styles.

The biggest weakness of this quiver is that it is designed for use with field points only, not broadheads.

However, some hunters can work around this by carrying the arrows with the tips removed and stored in one of the pockets.

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  • Impressive carrying capacity
  • Can carry a takedown recurve bow
  • 4 arrow storage tubes (1.15″ wide)
  • Multiple storage pockets and straps
  • 3-point chest harness, padded
  • Excellent storage solutions
  • Can carry a takedown recurve bow
  • More durable than other canvas quivers
  • Designed for use with field points, not broadheads
G4Free MOLLE Back Arrow Quiver great inexpensive choice

Best Budget Back Quiver – G4Free Archery Back Arrow Quiver

We chose the G4Free Archery Back Quiver as the best budget back quiver because of a few reasons.

First is the arrow capacity of 30, of any length.

In addition, there is a large storage pocket and several MOLLE sections so you can carry more than just arrows with you.

The quiver has a shoulder strap that can go over either shoulder, which attaches to a triangular 3-point harness up front.

You can carry arrows equipped with broadheads in this quiver, though for piece of mind you may want to put a piece of folded cardboard at the base of the arrow pocket.

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  • Made of durable canvas
  • 3-point ambidextrous chest strap
  • MOLLE compatible
  • Good arrow capacity and storage options for the price
  • The shoulder harness is a bit flimsy
  • Some hunters feel the need to reinforce the canvas to protect it from a broadhead’s sharp edges
Bear Archery Superlite Traditional Leather Back Quiver for bowhunters

Best Traditional Back Quiver – Bear Archery Superlite

The original quivers were leather. Bear Archery continues the tradition with the Superlite.

It’s made from lightweight yet durable genuine leather. This gives it a classic look that will only improve with age.

Past this, the Superlite is a simple quiver. It has a shoulder strap, external storage pouch, and is 18″ deep.

Pay attention to the depth, because that’s the love-it-or-hate-it point for this quiver.

It’s on the small side so it can be used with shorter arrows and crossbow bolts but may not be a good choice for those of us with lanky monkey arms who use extra-long arrows.

Also, if you want to carry broadheads in this quiver, you’ll want to put some foam at the bottom of the arrow pocket.

This will keep them from rattling around and also protect the leather base from getting punctured.

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  • 18″ deep arrow pocket
  • Additional storage pocket
  • Shoulder strap
  • Lightweight leather construction
  • Timeless look
  • Lightweight design
  • Too short for long arrows
  • You’ll need to add foam if you want to use broadheads with this quiver

The Best Hip Quivers for Hunting

Southland Archery Supply 3 tube hunting target quiver

Best Hip Quiver for the Money – Southland Archery Supply 3 Tube Target Quiver

The SAS 3 Tube Target Quiver may be designed as for target shoots but it’s also a good hunting quiver, though you may need to install your broadheads after pulling your arrow.

It has three arrow separation tubes, so it has a smaller capacity than many quivers.

However, it makes up for this shortcoming with its high build quality and variety of storage pockets, plus a clasp for hanging an accessory on the outside.

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  • Reinforced Nylon construction
  • Multiple pockets and storage solutions for a variety of bowhunting accessories
  • 3 arrow separator tubes
  • Great construction quality despite the fair price
  • Available in camo for those bowhunters who like hip quivers
  • On the smaller side for a hip quiver
XTACER 3 tube hip quiver budget hunting target roaming

Best Budget Hip Quiver – XTACER 3 Tube Hip Quiver

The XTACER 3 Tube Hip Quiver is very similar to the SAS quiver reviewed above.

It’s a little bit cheaper. However, the fabric is also a little bit thinner, so there is a compromise in durability.

The XTACER hip quiver is strong enough for most hunter, though.

You’ll fit up to a dozen arrows in its three tubes and can carry a variety of accessories in the pockets.

However, like every other hip quiver, this one is also designed for field points, so you’ll need to carry the broadheads separately.

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  • Polyester construction
  • Multiple external pockets
  • 3 arrow tubes
  • Good amount of pockets
  • Inexpensive but still high-quality
  • Smaller waistband (though still large enough for most people)
  • Small arrow capacity
Easton Flipside 4 tube Hip Quiver upgrade pick ambidextrous

Highest Quality Hip Quiver – Easton Flipside 4-Tube Hip Quiver

We chose the Easton Flipside 4 tube because it is an ambidextrous quiver that comes with a clean design.

That ambidexterity is a big selling point of this quiver. Some people flip it from one side to the other depending on if they’re traveling or shooting, which you cannot do with a normal hip quiver.

The Flipside has four arrow separation tubes and a bow square slot.

The included belt has a large range of adjustment. However, you can use your own belt if you desire.

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  • Four arrow separation tubes
  • Can be adjusted to sit on your left or right hip
  • Multiple pockets
  • High quality construction
  • Water drainage holes
  • Ambidextrous
  • High build quality
  • Might be too large for petite archers

Hunting Quivers: Different Types Explained

There are three types of quivers:

  1. Bow quivers
  2. Back quivers
  3. Hip quivers

Bow quivers are most commonly used by hunters and hip quivers are frequently seen by recreational archers.

But what are the differences between these three styles?

Bow Quivers

The most modern quiver style, invented in 19461, a bow quiver mounts directly to the bow.

These are most commonly seen on hunting compound bows but can also be used on crossbows and even some recurves.

A bow quiver holds a small number of arrows vertically, with the tips covered by a hood.

They are convenient because the arrow is attached to the bow. Also, they are typically silent.

The main downsides to bow quivers is that they can only hold a small number of arrows (typically 5) and can affect the bow’s balance.

Back Quivers

The quivers are attached to the archer’s back with a shoulder straps.

The nock end of the arrows faces upwards so that the archer can take it out when needed.

Back quivers are associated in the public consciousness with medieval times because they can carry a large number of arrows while staying out of the way.

However, back quivers present the slowest draw, and it’s difficult to put an arrow in a back quiver while you’re wearing it.

So, historically and in modern times, back quivers are more for transporting arrows than using them2. Generally.

Hip Quivers

Hip quivers are also known as belt quivers because they are worn on your hip, hanging from a belt.

They are the smallest and lightest quivers and are a compromise between the bow quiver’s speed-of-draw and a back quiver’s storage capacity.

Many hip quivers come with additional pockets so you can carry your binoculars, arrow release, spare broadheads, and other archery gear in a convenient location.

However, hip quivers stick out from your body more than the other styles and therefore are prone to catching on foliage.

How to Choose the Best Quiver?

Choosing the best quiver isn’t really an art but it does boil down to some good decision making.

Many archers have several types of quivers so don’t feel like this is a big decision.

Still, here are some factors to keep in consideration.


Do you want a bow quiver, back quiver, or hip quiver?

If all you want to do is go into the woods and take a deer with a single well-placed arrow then a bow quiver is a no-brainer.

However, if you want to carry more than a few arrows or want to carry a variety of arrows with different points, then a hip quiver and its tubes may be a good choice.

The choice between a back or hip quiver is mostly personal preference.

Keep in mind that you can use a bow quiver and another type of quiver at the same time!

Physical Factors

While choosing a quiver, keep in mind the weight, length, and width of the quiver.

Also, how many arrows can the quiver hold? Do you need anything extra like a pocket, perhaps?

If you hunt in dense woods then you’ll want to prioritize smaller quivers.

Similarly, if you hike long distances to get to your hunting spot, you’ll want to choose the lightest quiver you can get.


The final thing to consider is the price of the quiver.

Thankfully, quivers are not super expensive products.

However, they don’t all have the same price/value ratio.

Compare different products in your chosen quiver type and choose one that best fits your pocket and your needs!


That’s about it for the quivers!

If you’re still unsure about which quiver you want to bring with you while hunting then go ahead and choose the Trophy Ridge 5 Spot Quiver.

It’s a well-designed bow quiver that carries enough arrows for the typical hunting trip.

Which of the above quivers is your favorite?

What Kind of Quiver Should You Choose?

The answer depends on your bow, the environment in which you’ll be hunting (back and hip quivers are more likely to catch on foliage), and even personal preferences.

Bow quivers are the most common choice for modern bowhunters, though.

Do You Need a Quiver That Holds a Large Number of Arrows?

Hunting is about making a single, good shot, not a large amount of wild attempts. 4-7 arrows are more than enough for most hunters.

If you use the same quiver while target shooting, however, then you want to be able to carry as many arrows as possible.

Do Hip Quivers Have Pockets?

Most hip quivers have pockets. However, not all do.

Aren’t Bow Quivers and Back Quivers Similar?

Not really.

Bow quivers attach to the side of a bow and carry a small number of arrows facing upward with only the tips enclosed.

Back are worn on the back, are strapped to your chest, and can carry a larger number of arrows tip-down. They also encase most of the arrow, except for the rear, with fletchings and nock.


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