10 Hidden Weapon Storage Ideas

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Standard weapon storage can often be bulky and frankly unattractive; this obviously is a huge turn off to anyone looking for gun storage for their home, most people prefer something unobtrusive and attractive.

Regular gun safes also often take up a lot of space, which is not ideal if you live in an apartment building or small space.

If you aren’t imaginative don’t worry, we’ve found ten hidden weapon storage ideas that will not take up much space and will blend into your home quite easily.

Check out the list below, and if you have any of your own ideas feel free to share!

1. Headboard

It went viral on the Internet a few months ago but still this hidden compartment demands a place on the list.

It’s sold as a quick-draw hidden location so you can respond quickly in the night.

Whether you can actually bounce up with your weapon like man in the video is an entirely other matter, but this storage idea is perfect for the person who wants to keep their weapons stored but still readily available.

After all, what burglar is going to wait while you unlock your gun safe?

Check out the gunbed video above.

2. Bedpost

Another one in the bedroom, this one is ideal for long guns and requires you to have a four-poster bed to begin with.

It is one of the smaller ones on the list and one of the easier ones to make yourself.

Most wooden bedposts are hollow, so essentially all you need to do is detach the top (though many of them come already in separate pieces anyway) and add a hinge to 1 side so that you can flip up the top and reach for your weapon quickly.

The only drawback to this system is if you have children in the house it is harder to secure without it being obvious or complicated to access.

3. Stair Drawer

gun storage under stairs

This one is probably one of the most unique ones on the list.

It obviously requires you to have stairs in your house already, sorry ground level apartment folks.

Essentially it is a drawer fit to blend into your staircase.

Simple but brilliant!

And why stop at one? Imagine the unlimited potential once you have this idea down pat!

4. Bookshelf

secret book gun safe

This one you have to destroy some books to make but there are plenty of 2nd hand book stores out there giving or almost giving away old tattered books.

This storage looks and has the feel of something out of a mystery movie, how cool is that?

You cut your books until only the binding is left, then attach that to a small portable safe that fits into your bookshelf.

This is handy for not only handguns, but also any small valuables.

May not be that great for “quick draw” but it is certainly well hidden and unobvious.

5. TV Stand

This one is basically a hidden drawer along the lines of every other hidden drawer in existence but in your TV stand.

It is particularly useful because of its location: your living room.

There are not many other places you can covertly hide your gun in plain sight in the living room so this is a very useful idea.

Also having one in this area is useful because theoretically you spend a lot of time at home in this room and so it would be one of the quickest places to retrieve it from.

If nothing else, at least you’d always have your eye on it, keeping both the weapon and your family safe.

6. In Couch

You can fit a secure gun locker under your sofa if you do some overhaul on it.

Put a trap door under the cushions and you are ready to go.

Quick and easy to flip up a cushion, release the door and grab your weapon.

And while pets may like to burrow under couch cushions, kids pretty much won’t fit so that keeps your weapons well secured.

7. Shelf

concealed gun bookshelf

These are floating shelves you can buy premade with a flip down storage compartment in them.

They are super slim, and can be hung nearly anywhere.

Just imagine having these conveniently located all over the house, in the entranceway, the kitchen, the bathroom, living room, and even in almost any hallway!

Easily accessible but completely hidden!

8. Wall Mirror

A large mirror put over an inlaid gun safe: classic.

Yet so underrated.

These mirrors hang on the wall attached to a built in safe and simple slide away when access is needed.

As with many of the other hidden gun storage ideas, this can also be used for valuables.

You can make one yourself or buy them from Tactical Walls.

This style can be used with a compartment that is secured with a lock, or an open style, whichever works best for you.

Of course if you are handy and want to make this yourself, you are not limited to a mirror, any appropriately sized wall picture will do.

9. Foot Stool

A great idea if you want to have a portable gun safe is to make it into a footstool.

Just dress it all round with the exterior of a footstool you like and kick back, secure in the knowledge that your weapons are right under your feet!

Best part, it’s mobile so you can put it in any room you are in, instead of being “stuck” to a wall, it moves with you!

10. Picture Frame

hidden gun in picture frame

Similar to the wall mirror but on a smaller scale so that you can store a single pistol in it and have it conveniently nearby on a table.

So small that no one will suspect a thing.

Another one of those gun storage options that are extremely convenient and mobile.

There are many companies that made these types of hidden storage units, but if you are handy and imaginative you can probably put one together yourself.

While built in ideas are great, and very secure, the mobile type is very useful as well, hidden compartments in furniture or shelving.

So if you want more than the standard “gun safe” look around your home and pick a spot!

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