72 Hour Survival Kits – A Beginner’s Guide

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72 Hour Bug Out Bag

Preparing yourself to survive in the wilderness is a difficult proposition to wrap your head around, especially if you do not have much outdoor experience.

Although it might not seem like a huge deal, especially if you are only missing for a few hours, these situations tend to drag on significantly. The entire time that you are missing, you will be left wondering how long it will take for someone to find you, which is a difficult situation for anyone.

In the end, 72 hour kits will provide you with enough supplies to give rescuers a chance to reach you, without weighing you down too much on your excursion.

The reason why three days has been chosen for these supplies is that it gives people enough time to realize that you are missing and then time to trace your steps and track you down.

Once people notice that you have not returned, it should not take long to find you, but you never truly know.

Importance of 72 Hour Kits

Having a 72 hour bag ready will provide you with the peace of mind that you need to succeed in this situation. People who do not have these supplies tend to panic, which leaves them in 72 hour kit for survivala vulnerable position.

Once you start to panic, such as a situation where you must search for water, you could take yourself further from the path and, therefore, you will make yourself more difficult to locate.

If you can avoid wandering further into the woods and can live off of your kit, you will make it easier on rescuers.

72 Hour Kit Essentials

Once you decide/realize that you need a 3 day bag, you need to begin looking at the exact supplies that you will need to carry.

For starters, you must have enough water to last yourself for three days, which works out to about four liters per person.

Premade 72 Hour Emergency Kits

When you buy emergency bags from a store, most of them will come with enough supplies for three days.

This is because survival experts know that 72 hour kits are essential to surviving while waiting for rescue. You can also add new supplies to these kits, however, which will provide you with even more items that will ensure your survival.

It is also important that you replace any food that you put in the kit yearly, just in case some of it has expired. There’s nothing worse than being stranded in the wilderness, all alone, hoping for rescue, and finding out that your food is rotten.

Emergency Preparedness Kits for Groups

If you are traveling with a group of people, make sure that everyone has a 72 hour bag.

This is because these kits have been designed to fit enough supplies for one person, but your supplies disappear quickly if you have multiple people using it.

Thirst and the cold will be your biggest enemies in this situation so make sure, at the very least, that you have enough water and blankets for everyone.

Taking these extra precautions will ensure that your next trip is a safe one.

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