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How to Throw an Axe Like a Pro

How to Throw an Axe or Tomahawk Like a Pro

“Why would you throw away your weapon?” asks my girlfriend every time somebody throws an axe in a movie. True, you don’t want to throw away your last weapon in a survival situation (not even in a Hail Mary last-ditch throw!)… …but axe throwing is a fun, satisfying hobby. And, …

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G Shock Rangeman GW-9400-3CR

Casio G Shock Rangeman GW 9400 Master of G Tactical Watch Review

Casio G-Shock GW-9400-3CR Rangeman Master of G Features Features for days! Altimeter, barometer, compass, thermometer, sunrise/sunset data, and much more Ease of Use This is something that I felt could use some help. I may be spoiled on the ease of touch screens now but cycling through all the menus is a …

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7 Easy Deer Hunting Tips

7 Insanely Simple Deer Hunting Tips

Guest post from Jennifer at BuckWithBow How do you become a great deer hunter and be able to bag every buck that you target in the woods? Consider this scenario: Hunter A goes to a given hunting spot and skillfully clean kills a monster buck; Hunter B goes to the same …

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Get Home Bags Guide and checklist

Build a Get Home Bag with Our Essentials Checklist

You already have a Bug Out Bag (BOB), and you already have your Every Day Carry (EDC), but what about a Get Home Bag (GHB)? I know what you’re thinking – you want me to carry another bag? Think about it this way: what if you’re at work and disaster …

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ultimate bug out bag checklist

Ultimate Bug Out Bag Checklist for Preppers and Survivalists

The Bug Out Bag Contents Guide -or- What to Pack When You’re Expecting… (TEOTWAWKI)    Yeah, yeah, I know. “Not another bug out bag checklist!” There are a thousand other checklists out there already and here I am adding another one to the pile. But here’s the thing: none of …

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How to Survive on a Deserted Island

Stranded and Alone: How to Survive on a Deserted Island

Surviving on a Deserted Island Whether you find yourself stranded on a deserted island because of a shipwreck or by getting separated from a group, survival is of critical importance. Hopefully, you will never find yourself needing to survive being alone on an island or in the wilderness; however, these …

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Best tactical flashlights

Best Tactical Flashlights for Preppers in 2020

Updated 6/26/19 2019 Tactical Flashlight Buying Guide or Let There Be (Flash)Lights! When I was a kid, I thought that being chased through the woods would be a much bigger concern in my life. I can think of numerous scenes from tv shows and movies where a group of campers …

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Staying Clean in the Wild: The Natural Way

10 Natural Hacks for Camping Hygiene So you’ve decided you want to live like our ancestors who used to chase down wild deer, swim deep to catch fish, and sleep in caves or in a tent built out of trees far out in the wilderness. This type of lifestyle is …

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Open Carry vs Concealed Carry: What's the Difference?

Open Carry vs Concealed Carry: What’s the Difference?

Carrying a gun with you is one of the most effective ways to defend yourself. It’s also one of the highest-responsibility self-defense methods, so you need to know everything about how and (arguably more importantly) when to use your pistol, often from a concealed carry class. But concealed carry is …

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Best Concealed Carry Backpacks for EDC

2020’s 7 Best Concealed Carry Backpacks for Everyday Carry

So, you want to carry a concealed handgun. You have your gun. You’ve taken the concealed carry course and received your license. But, for whatever reason, you want to carry the gun off your body. There are legitimate reasons for off-body carry, which I’ll cover later. Just like carrying your …

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Lobo Loco Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Knife Review

“Lobo Loco” Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Knife Review

  Just about everybody knows about Swiss Army knives. If you describe the concept of an everyday carry knife to somebody who doesn’t know anything more wild than a coffee shop open until 9 pm they’ll say, “Oh, like a Swiss Army knife?” Various Victorinox Swiss Army knife (SAK) models …

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Concealed Carry Class: What to Know

Concealed Carry Class: What to Know

CHL. CCL. CWL. LTC. Whichever acronym your state uses[1], these all refer to a permit that allows you to conceal a handgun on your person in public. Knowing how to defend yourself or your family when attacked is an important skill to have, even if you never want to have …

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