Pemmican: What it is, How to Make it, and Recipes

Pemmican - What it is How to Make it and Recipes

Pemmican: The Ultimate Survival Food As someone who has a tendency to spend a fair amount of time away from civilization, I have learned how to sustain myself on food which does not require a fridge. After all, it is rather awkward to install even a mini-fridge and the electrical …

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Hunting with a Sling Shot

Slingshot Hunting: An Essential Skill for Survivalists and Preppers You are stalking in the woods, stepping carefully to avoid breaking any twigs. It is getting dark and your stomach rumbles. But there, up ahead, a rabbit pauses. Its little brain calculates, did that scary thing see me? Should I run? …

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How to Make a Homemade Slingshot for Hunting

How to make a homemade hunting slingshot

How to Build a DIY Slingshot Slingshots have been a part of childhood for many years. They are often a boy’s first projectile weapon, used to terrorize tin cans and “accidentally” break windows. Do not let the nostalgia of childhood deceive you, a good slingshot in the right hands can …

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Fishing Weirs: How to Build a Primitive Fish Trap

How to Make a Fishing Weir Trap

It’s natural for folks like you that take survival prepping seriously to think you are somewhat ready in case you are faced with a sudden war or other catastrophe that causes social breakdown. Your survival backpack is packed and ready to go and you even have a good supply of …

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