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How to Raise Rabbits for Meat

How to Raise Rabbits for Meat

When I was a teenager, I had a girlfriend who had a pet rabbit. That guy was the king of the household, and often got lost in the yard. Though she and I broke up, that rabbit practice has served me well. Why is that? Because I have gotten into …

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Best EDC Pocket Knives

2020’s Best EDC Pocket Knives

Choosing the Best Knife for Your EDC Many different knives have lived in my pockets. Many more will find their way there eventually. I have been carrying a knife every day since I left school. They did not like the idea of students carrying blades. Even then, I often had …

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How to Hunt with Just a Knife

Knife Hunting: How to Hunt with Just a Knife

Hunting with Just a Knife Imagine this. It is almost halfway through your week-long canoeing trip. Yesterday you were well fed, but an unexpected rock caused a capsize, and while you recovered most of your goods the food container burst open and everything inside was lost. Such an event has …

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Pemmican - What it is How to Make it and Recipes

Pemmican: What it is, How to Make it, and Recipes

Pemmican: The Ultimate Survival Food As someone who has a tendency to spend a fair amount of time away from civilization, I have learned how to sustain myself on food which does not require a fridge. After all, it is rather awkward to install even a mini-fridge and the electrical …

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ESEE 6 survival knife Review

ESEE 6 Survival Knife Review

ESEE 6P Fixed Blade Knife Features Nothing fancy here but the Micarta handle and thick 1095 carbon steel blade are pretty nice Ease of Use The ESEE 6 does what it should and doesn't complain about it. Unlike Cathy... Price It ain't cheap. But if you plan to play rough with …

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Hunting with a Slingshot for Survival

Hunting with a Sling Shot

Slingshot Hunting: An Essential Skill for Survivalists and Preppers You are stalking in the woods, stepping carefully to avoid breaking any twigs. It is getting dark and your stomach rumbles. But there, up ahead, a rabbit pauses. Its little brain calculates, did that scary thing see me? Should I run? …

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How to make a homemade hunting slingshot

How to Make a Homemade Slingshot for Hunting

How to Build a DIY Slingshot Slingshots have been a part of childhood for many years. They are often a boy’s first projectile weapon, used to terrorize tin cans and “accidentally” break windows. Do not let the nostalgia of childhood deceive you, a good slingshot in the right hands can …

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CZ 75 Pistol Review

CZ 75 Handgun Review

  The CZ 75 pistol is one of the most legendary handguns of the 20th century. It stands tall alongside some of the most well known and widespread handguns in the world, such as the 1911, Beretta 92, and Glock 17. It was one of the first “Wonder Nines” and …

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How to Make a Fishing Weir Trap

Fishing Weirs: How to Build a Primitive Fish Trap

It’s natural for folks like you that take survival prepping seriously to think you are somewhat ready in case you are faced with a sudden war or other catastrophe that causes social breakdown. Your survival backpack is packed and ready to go and you even have a good supply of …

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How to Build a DIY Rocket Stove for Camping

How to Build a DIY Rocket Stove

I have spent many nights in front of the campfire. Telling tales to my companions, cooking hotdogs and marshmallows over the fire, and enjoying watching other people try to dodge the smoke. It’s fun, but I have also had a fair few nights where either because of a lack of wood …

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Natural Remedies for Preppers

The Top 6 Natural Remedies For Preppers

It might be a global economic meltdown. It may be an earthquake or the eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano. Possibly a flood situation arises, sometimes rather quickly. Do you know the important things you need to prepare before such a disaster occurs? For centuries, mankind has relied on Mother Nature …

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9 Invaluable Uses for a Knife in the Wild

9 Invaluable Survival Uses for a Knife

Why Bother Carrying a Knife? We had a new guy at our group a couple weeks ago. He had a lot of the typical preconceived notions that preppers and survivalists were radicals trying to overthrow the government or anti-social dooms-day’ers that needed to take their medication and calm down. But …

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10 Ways to Find Water in the wild

10 Ways to Find Water to Survive the Wilderness

Finding Water in the Wild You’re in the middle of a multi-day hike. The plan was to follow the trail, but you took a wrong turn. Now you’re lost. You try to get back to the trail unsuccessfully and end up spending the night in the backcountry. By the time …

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