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prepper hacks for survivalists

My Favorite Prepper Hack

Prepper Tip of the Week I read about this ‘hack’ recently and I’m surprised it doesn’t get talked about more. If I find the article, I will link to it later. This tool can easily improve your chances of survival tenfold. Most Important Survival Prepper Tool Let me ask you a …

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SHTF survival plan

What’s Your Survival Plan?

Do you have a plan for what to do when SHTF? You should. You remember that whole ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’ adage that you hated hearing from your teachers/boss? Well in this case, it’s ‘fail to plan, you f-ing die’. I don’t see that becoming a bumper sticker …

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72 hour bug out survival bags

72 Hour Survival Kits – A Beginner’s Guide

72 Hour Bug Out Bag Preparing yourself to survive in the wilderness is a difficult proposition to wrap your head around, especially if you do not have much outdoor experience. Although it might not seem like a huge deal, especially if you are only missing for a few hours, these …

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Bowtech Assassin RAK Review

Bowtech Assassin Review

Bowtech Assassin ReviewI’ve had this bow for a couple of years now. I thought about buying a new one but honestly, I couldn’t ask for more out of a bow.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  I bought the Bowtech Assassin brand new for $599. It was between that and …

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Pros And Cons Of 9mm Handguns

Pros And Cons Of 9mm Handguns

Should I buy a 9mm Handgun? When it comes to selecting a 9mm hand gun as your weapon of choice (whether for the end of the world, for your bug out bag, or just to scare your daughter’s new boyfriend), there are a few different factors to consider. There is …

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Top 10 9mm Handguns Of All Time

Top 10 9mm Handguns Of All Time

We’ve already established that the two calibers you should be focusing on for your SHTF survival weapon are the 9mm and the .22. If you are in law enforcement or, like me, has a best friend who’s a cop and feels the need to show you his new gun every …

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Build Your Own Knife Based Survival Kit

Build Your Own Survival Knife Kit

How to Put Together a Survival Knife Kit It is important to have a survival kit whenever you’re away from home in the outdoors. Since knives are essential for survival in the wilderness, it only makes sense to make a survival kit around this tool. Having all the equipment you …

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great bug out bag gun

Introducing The Amazing Browning Hi-Power

If you’re a passionate gun person, then you surely get shivers down your spine when you hear the name of the Browning Hi-Power being spoken. A masterpiece handgun, the Browning Hi-Power is the most widely used 9mm pistol of all time. Related: Concealed Carry Loophole Police forces and special military …

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Outdoor Survival Knife Brands

Survival Knife Brands

Brands of Tactical Survival and Backpacking Knives “A good survival knife could save your life.” These are not just empty words. If you spend any time in the boonies, hunt, hike, or fish, having a good, reliable knife could spell the difference between success or failure, or survival, in an …

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Types of Survival and Tactical Knives

Types of Survival Knives

Different Kinds of Survival Knives Boot Knives Boot knives are small fixed blade knives that are usually carried in a boot. These knives can also be tucked away in a belt or under the pant leg. Boot knives have also been known to be worn around the neck by means …

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The Best Handgun Holsters For Concealed Carry

2020’s Best Handgun Holsters For Concealed Carry

Holster That Weapon, Soldier! A few days ago we spoke of the best handguns for concealed carry, but for those folks who want better concealment when they take their gun with them, we decided to compile a list of the best concealed carry holsters for sale. You need to comfortably …

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The Best Survival Handguns For Concealed Carry

2020’s Best Concealed Carry Guns: Pistols and Revolvers

Best Handguns for CCW When it comes to buying and owning a handgun, many people are worried about the conceal-ability of the gun, and most of the time the final decision whether to buy it or not revolves around this specific reason. This is especially true when deciding on a …

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How to find the best outdoor survival knife

How To Find The Best Survival Knife

Buying the Best Outdoor Survival Knife Major natural disasters that have struck the country recently such as Hurricane Sandy and the Oklahoma EF-5 tornadoes should serve as a wake up call for everyone to always be prepared for these life-threatening events. One of the most essential things you should have …

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