63 Survival Uses for a Bandana

Survival Uses for a Bandana

There are three items in my survival kit which I use more than any other: The first is a good knife. You can almost always use a good knife. The second is a good flashlight, to bring light to the darkness. The third is a bandana. More than one. I …

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Best Concealed Carry Purses

Best Concealed Carry Purses for Women

Firearms are a great equalizer. Some self-defense weapons require strength to use. Guns do not have this weakness. They remove strength from the equation and allow everyone to defend themselves equally. How you carry your weapon is up to you and your local laws. Citizens in Texas can proudly and …

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The Best EDC Flashlights

Best EDC Flashlights for Everyday Carry

Flashlights are just as important an EDC item as your wallet or a good pocket knife. I’m sure that if you don’t carry a flashlight with you right now, you think that you don’t need one. That’s how I used to think. But ever since I got an EDC flashlight, …

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Klarus XT11GT vs XT12S Flashlight Review

Klarus XT11GT vs XT12S flashlight review

When it comes to emergency preparedness, the only thing second to a good survival knife is a good flashlight. The world is dark half the time. In a survival situation, access to light when the sun is down can mean the difference between danger and survival. Now, I’m prone to …

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Benchmade Bugout Knife Review

Benchmade Bugout 535 Review

  The golden standard for an everyday carry knife is one made by Benchmade. Even the name, Benchmade, speaks to the quality of the knives they produce. Handmade products are well made, but each product made varies. Factory-made products are consistent but lack the finish and polish of handmade products. …

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