How to Measure Your Draw Length

How to Measure Your Bow Draw Length

Bows may not be as fancy as modern firearms, but they are an effective choice in many situations. You can use one bow to hunt animals from rabbits to bear. And releasing an arrow is quieter, even with the loud “THWACK!” of a recurve, than any firearm. This makes them …

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8 Reasons Preppers Should Learn Archery

8 Reasons Every Prepper Should Learn Archery

Picture this… a lone survivor, scavenging a bio-hazardous wasteland carrying a bow and arrow.  He carries some basic supplies and lives by his survival skills.  There are no firearms in his world.  Society collapsed years ago.  There’s no infrastructure in place to manufacture any new equipment.  For him food is …

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Bowtech Assassin Review

Bowtech Assassin RAK Review

Bowtech Assassin ReviewI’ve had this bow for a couple of years now. I thought about buying a new one but honestly, I couldn’t ask for more out of a bow.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  I bought the Bowtech Assassin brand new for $599. It was between that and …

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