The Best Compound Bow for Women

The Best Compound Bow for Women

Best Women’s Compound Bows

Women have been shooting bows and arrows since the days of the Amazon women warriors. And yet their market is greatly underserved when it comes to finding a bow that designed specifically for their needs.

compound bows for women
The Quest Radical

Ladies who like to go hunting don’t need to settle for compound bows for children or men. Manufacturers have already made hunting bows for women that match their form and height.

Looking for the right compound bow to use is a personal task because small details have to be considered. If a feature is uncoordinated, you might find it difficult to shoot.

Bows for women are designed to match their measurements and strength properly. This means the draw length is matched with their draw length measurements and draw weight is lower than bows for men.

Women’s passion for the sport has been validated and they can freely enhance their skills using a bow that best suits them. Females can find bows that have adjustable draw lengths and weights, which is quite popular these days because of the wider reach of the hunting audience.

A woman archer has the freedom to tune the bow to the specifications that suit her. She can also play with the draw weight as she acquires more experience. Here are some of the best compound bows for females to look into.

Diamond Infinite Edge – Best Bow for Beginners

We recommend the Diamond Infinite Edge for archers in the novice to intermediate range. It’s easy to use, requires no special tools to adjust, and is highly accurate, even at a lower draw weight.Diamond Infinite Edge Women's Bow

The Diamond Infinite Edge is a favorite and a top seller because it fits men, women, young people and even kids. It does not have sizes, only two-part numbers, one for right and left-handers. It adjusts from 5 to 70 pounds draw weight, and 13 to 30 inches of draw length.

This versatile bow requires no special tool or parts replacement, or even a bow press to adjust. It only needs two small wrenches to adjust from bottom to top and fit any shooter.

Do not underestimate the Infinite Edge for its versatility. Even if it’s adjustable to fit even small archers, it is not a toy. It is a high-performance compound, bearing its teeth as the draw lengths and weights come higher.

The Infinite Edge features a parallel limb with integrated string stop, high-definition camo job called Mossy Oak Infinity and pivoting limb pockets. It is a great choice because it is easy to tune and shoot.

It is also quiet and recoil-free. This bow is ideal for women because it only weight 3.1 pounds. An affordable ladies’ compound bow, it is ready for action once you unpack it.

The Infinite Edge comes with a bow case, a stabilizer, mechanical release, a wrist sling and more. And, of course, it comes in a special pink-camo set, which is fantastic for female users.

Bow Tech Carbon Rose – Best Women’s Hunting Bow

Bowtech Carbon Rose compound bow for women
The big brother to the Carbon Rose, the Carbon Knight

The Bow Tech Carbon Rose is one of the lightest women’s hunting bows, weighing only 3.2 pounds.

This model is built for female archers who want more than just an attractive youth bow. It features the best technology, Binary cam system, forged riser, integrated noise dampening, pivoting limb pockets, and purple anodized hardware that add to its sharp look.

This bow feels so light, but do not be deceived. It has a forged carbon composite technology that allows the parallel limb to be so strong yet so comfortable to shoot.

It does not have a cold metal at the grip and really feels great in the hand. Users will really love its balance and ergonomics, not to mention its female-friendly architecture.

When you shoot, you can see how awesome Carbon Rose is. It draws back so smoothly and fires off so quietly.

You will not be slapped on the wrist or arm because of its string suppressor. It is simply such a delight to shoot but it develops admirable flat trajectory and arrow speeds.

Bear Cruzer – Best Looking Bow

The 2018 Bear Cruzer line has already been released and it includes a lightweight bow. The special purple package is not just attractive in color, but also in features that ladies will love.Bear Cruzer compound bow

It is a hot women’s bow because it is easy to shoot and does not require expertise or special tools. You can adjust it yourself with just a hex wrench. A gorgeous bow with a powerful reflexed riser.

Bear Cruzer has pivoting pockets, split limbs, integrated string stop and more. It boasts a respectable 310 fps power, and works well in the shootability level, making it great for target shooting. It is smooth and shock-free with its parallel split-limb architecture.

The draw length ranges from 12 to 30 inches and often come complete with a bow case, rest, sight, stabilizer, wrist sling, arrows, and mechanical release.

It is certainly a high-quality package that is not just suitable for females, but anyone in the family.

PSE Chaos One – Best Pink Compound Bow

The PSE Chaos One is designed for the youth and female archers. It is very similar to the original PSE Chaos except for the Cam system, which is single unlike the original, which is a dual cam. It is perfect for ladies and teens because of its low draw length adjustability.PSE Chaos One for women

It is available in several finishes, including Pink and Skulz Camo, Mossy OakTreestand, and Breakup Infinity. These are durable and do not fade.

It features the brand’s very own X-tech limbs that are parallel, preloaded and set above the rest. The limbs are seamlessly aligned, connected to the 6061-T6 aluminum riser.

It also uses the SLT Grip, a slim grip that helps archers achieve consistent hand placement and comfortability.

The Chaos One uses single Cam system that produces a smoother draw but maintains reliability. It utilizes an asymmetric wheel to achieve high performance and accuracy.

Like the Chaos One, it needs few additions to keep quiet and perform at its best. You can add strings and a stabilizer, as well as vibration dampeners.

It is easy to shoot and adjust, removing only the screw that secures the inner-cam.

Bear Siren Bow – Best Ladies Bow for Advanced Shooters

The Bear Siren is every female’s compound bow. It is designed for serious lady archers, as an answer to what consumers asked from the manufacturer. It is indeed the brand’s top end female bow.

It is a single cam bow that feels great to shoot and has an impressive speed. It is best for hunting, making it Realtree Girl’s official bow.

Bear Siren archery bow
The cousin model to the Siren, the Bear Brave

You can choose from the two colors available, black and Realtree APG. Both are appealing and resistant to peeling.

The riser looks fair enough and is consistent with the other bows from Bear. It measures 31 inches, axel to axel. It has dual string suppressors, which is what the brand is known for.

It also comes with a stabilizer bushing. It features a split limbs and max preloaded quad limbs, with zero tolerance limb pockets that connect the limbs to the riser.

The interference fit eliminates movement between the riser and the limbs. The bare riser has sideplates that serve as the grip, which has a narrow neck that balances the hand with no torque.

It has a dual offset string suppressors, a single cam with the FH cam as fuel, a rotating module and adjustable draw lengths without a bow press.

It adjusts from 22 to 27 inches and the FH cam is specifically made for ladies with shorter draw lengths. It features 300 fps IBO, 75% let off and 40, 50 and 60-pound draw weights.

Common Draw Lengths for Ladies

Finding the right women’s compound bow with the right draw length is usually puzzling female archers. One way to decide on the right one is to measure the arms’ span. This is somehow close to a woman’s height.

If the length from fingertip to fingertip is at 60 inches, the draw length is at the lowest end of the spectrum. The potential to draw the string will be at a maximum 24 inches. The biggest measurement is most likely an arm span of 75 inches, ending up converting to draw length of above 30 inches.

It is crucial to remember that this measurement may be limited if hunting in cold conditions and wearing heavy layers of clothes.

Choosing the Right Ladies Compound Bow

The draw length is the distance from the bowstring at rest and at full draw. The right one depends on the length of your arm.

It is crucial in determining the right compound bow for women, which is why how it is obtained was already discussed. If the bow is not properly fitted to a woman’s physical dimensions, the user may not achieve her shooting potential.

Aside from draw length, brace height is also an important consideration. It is the distance from the bowstring to the grip.

A shorter height is equal to more stored energy and more arrow speed. However, shorter brace heights tend to amplify any imperfections. Longer ones may shoot slower but is more forgiving.

The draw weight, draw cycle, bow length and weight, cam style, let-off and arrow speeds should also be considered. Just keep in mind that not everything about bows is quantifiable.

You can use a bow that feels great and make you a better shooter. The bow’s grip is a big part, so pay attention to how the bow grips in your hand.

So What is the Best Compound Bow for Women?

The best compound bow is actually the best compound bow for you. These tools are highly individualized. No other piece of equipment needs to be matched as closely to you and the way you hunt.

Your arm length, strength, skill level, shooting style, and way you hunt are all going to be important factors in deciding on the perfect bow for you.