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Build a Get Home Bag

Get Home Bags Guide and checklist

You already have a Bug Out Bag (BOB), and you already have your Every Day Carry (EDC), but what about a Get Home Bag (GHB)? I know what you’re thinking – you want me to carry another bag? Think about it this way: what if you’re at work and disaster ...

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How to Choose the Best Bug Out Bag Backpack

best bug out bag backpacks for sale

The Bug Out Bag Backpack Ultimate Guide   *Disclaimer Before we begin, I’d like to clear something up. Many people use the terms “bug out bag”, “get home bag”, and “72 hour bag” interchangeably. They are not. A get home bag is designed to get you home if SHTF while you ...

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72 Hour Kits

72 hour bug out survival bags

72 Hour Bug Out Bag Preparing yourself to survive in the wilderness is a difficult proposition to wrap your head around, especially if you do not have much outdoor experience. Although it might not seem like a huge deal, especially if you are only missing for a few hours, these ...

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What Is A Bug Out Bag?

what is a bug out bag

What is a Bug Out Bag/Go Bag? What is a bug out bag? Why would I want one? What is in a bug out bag? Where can I get a ? These are all very good questions and ones you’ll want the answers to if, for any reason, you’re caught ...

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Bug Out Bag Philosophy

Bug Out Bag philosophy

The Bug Out Bag Mentality In a nutshell, here’s my approach to bug out bags: Build a layered system, from your skin out, that takes a thoughtful, long-term approach to surviving the types of emergencies you’re most likely to encounter. Let’s break it down: Build: It’s your responsibility to assess ...

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