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Is Your Bug Out Bag Too Heavy?

how to pack a bug out bag

How to lighten your bug out bag using the 80/20 rule   Have you ever wondered how to lighten your bug out bag? I certainly have. In fact, I recently took a critical look at my own 72-hour survival kit, and discovered some pretty interesting ways to save weight in ...

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Ultimate Bug Out Bag Checklist

Ultimate bug out bag checklist

The Bug Out Bag Contents Guide -or- What to Pack When You’re Expecting… (TEOTWAWKI)    Yeah, yeah, I know. “Not another bug out bag checklist!” There are a thousand other checklists out there already and here I am adding another one to the pile. But here’s the thing: none of ...

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The (Almost) Free Bug Out Bag

almost free bug out bag post

  I’m going to tell you a secret… … come a little closer… … little more… … are you ready? … “Prepping” is a lot easier and cheaper than you think. Being prepared doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a $200 bug out backpack and a Rambo survival ...

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Bug Out Bag Giveaway

best bug out bag giveaway

Bug Out Bag Giveaway The holiday season is coming up and soon we’ll all be rushing around cooking, buying presents, and hiding from relatives. To celebrate this joyous time of the year, we’ve decided to give away something that every prepper can use… Tell them what they’ll win, Bob! A ...

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