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Best tactical flashlights

Best Tactical Flashlights for Preppers in 2016

Quick Navigation 2016 Tactical Flashlight Buying GuideWhat is a Tactical Flashlight?Strike BezelHigh LumensMaterialsTail SwitchTextured GripMultiple ModesWhat Are They Used For?Self DefenseLightSignalingWhat to Look for in a Tactical FlashlightRugged/DurableSizeWeightWater ResistantGood BatteryBulbBrightnessThrowColor TemperatureOptional FeaturesThe Best Tactical Flashlights For Sale Streamlight 88040 ProTAC HLFenix TK75SOLARAY PRO ZX-1SureFire E2D Defender UltraSurefire G2X ProStreamlight 75458 ...

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Grow fruit year round

Growing Fruits in Your Garden All Year Round

How to Grow Fruit Year Round Self sustainability is important to preppers. Not having to rely on others means whether supply is low, prices are high, or the seller is just a jerk, you’re still fine. If you’re just starting out prepping, or even if you’re a seasoned homesteader, we’ve ...

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Prepper Book Review

Book Review: Preppers Want to Know

Preppers Want to Know: A Survival Book Preppers Want to Know is a survival book by Aaron Liford that answers questions that Aaron had but couldn’t find good, concise answers to. Questions like ‘how can I protect against EMPs‘ and ‘what’s the best way to freeze dry food’. The topics ...

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how to pack a bug out bag

Is Your Bug Out Bag Too Heavy?

How to lighten your bug out bag using the 80/20 rule   Have you ever wondered how to lighten your bug out bag? I certainly have. In fact, I recently took a critical look at my own 72-hour survival kit, and discovered some pretty interesting ways to save weight in ...

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